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Professional Practice 101: Business Strategies and Case Studies in Architecture, 2nd Edition

Professional Practice 101: Business Strategies and Case Studies in Architecture, 2nd Edition

Andrew Pressman, Thomas Fisher (Foreword by)

ISBN: 978-0-471-68366-7

Mar 2006

408 pages

Select type: Paperback

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Shed fresh light on the many issues involved in the operation of an architectural practice -- from how a firm is structured to how it manages projects and secures new business -- with the latest edition of Professional Practice 101. Case studies, new to the this edition, augment each chapter as does a wealth of material including coverage of:
  • Project management
  • Time management
  • Group dynamics and teamwork
  • Project delivery
  • Communication and leadership skills
  • Design and information technology
  • Marketing
  • Legal and licensing issues
  • Financial management
  • Risk management and professional liability insurance
  • Client and contractor relations

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Foreword to the Second Edition by Thomas Fisher.



Chapter 1. Practice, Practice, Practice.

What It Means to Be a Professional or the Courage to Be a Misfit.

Professionalism and the Public Interest.

Professional Through and Through.

Linking Design and Practice.

For Whom Should You Design?.

Are You an Artist or an Architect?.

Sidebar: Voodoo and Hearsay.

Almost All About IDP, ARE, AIA, NCARB, NAAB, and ACSA.

Sidebar: Timing of the Architect Registration Examination.

Designing Your Career.

Case Study: Designing Your Career.

Chapter 2. Do the Right Thing.

Architects and Ethics.

Sidebar: Postscript on Ethical Behavior.

Case Study: The Fifty-Nine-Story Crisis.

Chapter 3. The Firm: Commoditiy and Delight.

Design Firm Typologies.

Firm Start-Ups.

Two Start-Up Profiles: Young, Digital, and Good.

Profiles in Courage: Three Firms.

Case Study: ABC/Prieto Haskell.

Case Study Analysis: A Firm in Search of a New Identity.

Case Study: Rose/Knox Townhouses or Architects Build Cheap House for Themselves.

Chapter 4. Project Management.

Managing the Process versus Producing the Product .

Making Group Projects in Studio Work for You .

Client Relations: Of Timing and Schmoozing.

Designing Your Time.

Sidebar: Experimental Drawing-Drawing to Steal.

The Ultimate Manager: The Role of Wisdom in Louis Kahn's Office.

Case Study: Anne Cahill (A) and (B).

Author's Case Study Analysis: Portrait of a Project Manager.

Case Study: Drawing as a Means to Practice.

Chapter 5. Making a (Financial) Statement.

Financial Management Primer.

Sidebar: Managing the Labor Force.

The Real Meaning of Green Design: Fees and Schedules.

Conventional versus Progressive Real Estate Development.

Case Study: Downtown Albuquerque Theater Block.

Chapter 6. To Market, to Market.

Top 10 Rules of Marketing.

Marketing for Success.

Sidebar: Selling Architectural Services.

Top 10 Presentation Skills.

Top 10 Principles for Design on the Web.

Case Study: Richards Roth Caruso, Inc..

Chapter 7. Laws and Order.

Thinking Ahead in the Architect-Client Relationship.

The Relationship of the Architect and Contractor.

Top 10 Legal Implications of Electronic Documents.

Case Study: Minor Setbacks.

Case Study: Accounting for Terraces-Dealing with Unclear Regulations.

Chapter 8. Risky Business.

Risk Management and Professional Liability Insurance.

Negotiating Strategies and Consensus Building.

Top 10 Ways to Manage Risk and Prevent Losses.

Case Study: Capital Architects.

Chapter 9. New Modes of Service and Project Delivery.

Models for the Architectural Profession.

The Emergence of the Virtual Architectural Practice.

Computers and Practice: The Digital Guerrilla.

Project Delivery Strategy.

Keys to Quality: Success Strategies in Design-Build Partnerships.

Sidebar: Small-Scale Commercial and Residential Projects.

Leading to Project Delivery in Japan.

Case Study: Digital Practice-Rethinking the Design Process.

Chapter 10. Nontraditional Practice.

The Maverick Architects: Success in Nontraditional Careers.

Sidebar: Choosing Multiple Career Paths .

Pursuing a Career in the Academy .

Out of the Swamp, or the Evolution of a Career.

Case Study: The Urban Design Jazz Ensemble.

Case Study: An Unusual Consulting Practice-Dyer + Dyer.

Case study: Unexpected Opportunities of an Urbanist Practice.

Chapter 11. Social Responsibilities.

Architects as Leaders.

Sidebar: A Situational Team Approach to Mentorship.

The Potential of Pro Bono Practice.

Sidebar: Selling Out or Selling Yourself?.

Building Prose for Building Pros.

Meeting the Minimums and Missing the Point.

Case Study: Transformational Leadership in Architecture Firms.

Case Study: Green Against the Grain .