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Professional Red Hat Enterprise Linux 3

Professional Red Hat Enterprise Linux 3

Kapil Sharma, Mohammed J. Kabir, Peter C. Norton, Nathan Good, Tony Steidler-Dennison

ISBN: 978-0-764-57859-5

Mar 2005

744 pages

Select type: E-Book


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What is this book about?

Professional Red Hat Enterprise Linux 3 is a complete professional guide to setting up, configuring, and deploying Red Hat Enterprise Linux in the corporate production environment. The book focuses on Enterprise Server and Advanced Server features, including the key areas of high availability with the Red Hat Cluster Suite, Red Hat Network Control Center, and Red Hat Enterprise applications such as the Content Management System and portal server. Other key unique features include kernel tuning for various performance profiles; advanced Apache configuration; Tux installation/maintenance; building high-performance FTP servers; building high-performance mail servers (which means replacing Sendmail); Mailing list management; how to efficiently add, remove, or modify 100 users at the same time; and a discussion of disk quota management and monitoring.

What does this book cover?

The key features of the book include the following:

  • How to install and setup RHEL 3
  • How to deploy RHEL 3 in production environment
  • How to manage an RHEL system using Perl and shell scripting
  • Advanced administration tools
  • How to use Red Hat network service
  • Details on installation and setup of security tools
  • Ability to use and deploy High Availability solutions provided with RHEL 3
  • Performance tuning
  • How to use monitoring tools
  • Ability to use RHEL to provide scalable infrastructure solutions.


Chapter 1: RHEL 3 Basics.

Chapter 2: Using Red Hat Network.

Chapter 3: The File System.

Chapter 4: Storage Management.

Chapter 5: High Availability: Ensuring You’re Always Up.

Chapter 6: Red Hat Enterprise Applications.

Chapter 7: System Administration.

Chapter 8: Building Web Server Services.

Chapter 9: Building Remote Access Services.

Chapter 10: Building Print Services.

Chapter 11: Building File Sharing Services.

Chapter 12: Building Enterprise Email Services.

Chapter 13: Building DNS & LDAP Services.

Chapter 14: Advanced System Administration.

Chapter 15: RHEL 3 Security.

Chapter 16: Managing Your System with Perl and Shell Scripting.

Chapter 17: Where to Now?


Appendix A: Installing RHEL 3.

Appendix B: Installing Software.


Supplementary Material Discussing LDAP
Download the supplementary Chapter discussing LDAP and the accompanying figures for the chapter. To use this file, download it to your local machine and unzip it. Windows users can use the Windows built-in ZIP utilities or a 3rd party utility like WinZip. Be sure to use the correct option in your ZIP utility to preserve the directory structure when decompressing the archive.