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Professional SQL Server® 2005 Performance Tuning

Professional SQL Server® 2005 Performance Tuning

Steven Wort, Christian Bolton, Justin Langford, Michael Cape, Joshua J. Jin, Douglas Hinson, Haidong Ji, Paul A. Mestemaker, Arindam Sen

ISBN: 978-0-470-17639-9

Jan 2008

551 pages

Select type: Paperback

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Written by a team of expert SQL users, this comprehensive resource approaches performance tuning from a new perspective by showing you a methodical scientific approach to diagnose performance problems. The book first walks you through how to discover bottlenecks when something is wrong and you’ll then learn how to identify and remove the problems that are causing poor performance. You’ll discover preventive measures you can take to try to avoid a performance problem entirely and you’ll learn how to achieve better performance.


Part I: Finding Bottlenecks when Something’s Wrong.

Chapter 1: Performance Tuning.

Chapter 2: Monitoring Server Resources with System Monitor.

Chapter 3: Monitoring SQL Server Resources with System Monitor.

Chapter 4: SQL ServerWait Types.

Chapter 5: Finding Problem Queries with SQL Profiler.

Part II: Removing Bottlenecks with Tuning.

Chapter 6: Choosing and Configuring Hardware.

Chapter 7: Tuning SQL Server Configuration.

Chapter 8: Tuning the Schema.

Chapter 9: Tuning T-SQL.

Part III: Preventative Measures and Baselining Performance with Tools.

Chapter 10: Capturing, Measuring, and Replaying a Workload Using SQL Profiler.

Chapter 11: Tuning Indexes.

Chapter 12: How Fast and Robust Is Your Storage?

Chapter 13: SQL Server 2005 Performance Dashboard Reports.

Part IV: Roadmap to Server Performance.

Chapter 14: Best Practices for Designing for Performance from the Start.

Chapter 15: Successful Deployment Strategies.


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Ch10 code downloads
For additional code for chapter 10, please see which contains a small backup of the DB and a 1GB file of the database backup detailed in the chapter. The 1GB file is not referenced in the chapter but contains the results of running the tests detailed in chapter 10.
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