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Professional SharePoint 2007 Design

Professional SharePoint 2007 Design

Jacob J. Sanford, Randy Drisgill, David Drinkwine, Coskun Cavusoglu

ISBN: 978-0-470-28580-0

Sep 2008

648 pages

Select type: Paperback

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From the planning details to the steps to the considerations, understand how to design the perfect SharePoint implementation by applying the information in Professional SharePoint 2007 Design. Begin with an overview of a installation and move through the technical aspects of creating usable, accessible, aesthetically pleasing SharePoint interfaces, with a primary focus on using SharePoint’s basic design tools to create a better looking and more effective installation. Understand how to use PhotoShop to design the graphics and template model for your site and learn how to integrate SharePoint themes.


Chapter 1: Why Design?

Chapter 2: Web Design 101.

Chapter 3: General Concept Design.

Chapter 4: Communicating or Collaborating?

Chapter 5: Introduction to SharePoint Designer.

Chapter 6: Themes.

Chapter 7: Cascading Style Sheets with MOSS 2007.

Chapter 8: Master Pages.

Chapter 9: Page Layouts.

Chapter 10: Working with Out-of-the-BoxWeb Parts.

Chapter 11: Navigation.

Chapter 12: Customizing Search.

Chapter 13: Accessibility in SharePoint.

Chapter 14: Wrapping It All Up.

Appendix A: Introduction to Deploying SharePoint Designs.


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Once you have it saved, open it up in Photoshop (File->Open) and then, at this point, copy it (Edit- > Copy).

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Once you have it saved, open it up in Photoshop (File->Open), select the whole image (Select->All), and then, at this point, copy it (Edit- > Copy).
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It should read click the group icon in the layer palette to make it active if it is not.
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