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Professional SlickEdit

Professional SlickEdit

John Hurst

ISBN: 978-0-470-12215-0

Nov 2007

472 pages

Select type: Paperback

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Professional SlickEditis the first guide to the award-winning SlickEdit tools, and is technically reviewed by the SlickEdit development team. SlickEdit expert John Hurst shares his years of experience in developing with SlickEdit to teach readers how to maximize the tool’s features, and to write and debug code faster than they have before. Additionally, the book includes a CD ROM with an extended trial version of SlickEdit not available anywhere else.

Professional SlickEdit is heavy on examples, making this a hands-on guide that will get readers up and running with the tools quickly. Topics include:

  • Customizing the environment
  • Staying organized with Workspaces and Projects
  • Understanding Tagging
  • Quickly navigating code
  • Power editing techniques for text, code and data
  • Taking advantage of Aliases and File Templates
  • Slick-C Macro Programming
  • Custom Language Support
  • DIFFzilla and other tools

And More!


Part I: Getting Started with SlickEdit.

Chapter 1: Introducing SlickEdit.

Chapter 2: Configuration.

Chapter 3: Managing Windows.

Part II: Using SlickEdit.

Chapter 4: Workspaces and Projects.

Chapter 5: Context Tagging.

Chapter 6: Navigation.

Chapter 7: Search and Replace.

Chapter 8: Editing Text.

Chapter 9: Editing Code.

Chapter 10: Editing Data.

Chapter 11: Aliases and File Templates.

Chapter 12: Document Types.

Chapter 13: Comparing and Merging.

Chapter 14: Version Control.

Part III: Advanced SlickEdit.

Chapter 15: Other Tools.

Chapter 16: Slick-C Macro Programming.

Chapter 17: Customization.

Appendix A: Settings for Different Emulations.

Appendix B: Regular Expression Syntax.

Appendix C: SlickEdit Callbacks.

Appendix D: What’s on the CD-ROM.


Code for SlickEdit Download
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