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Professional Web APIs with PHP: eBay, Google, Paypal, Amazon, FedEx plus Web Feeds

Professional Web APIs with PHP: eBay, Google, Paypal, Amazon, FedEx plus Web Feeds

Paul Reinheimer

ISBN: 978-0-470-08725-1

Jul 2006

356 pages

Select type: E-Book

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  • Offers hands-on tips and numerous code examples that show Web developers how to leverage content and feeds from today's top Web sites-including Google, eBay, PayPal, Amazon, Yahoo!, and FedEx
  • Introduces APIs (Application Program Interfaces) in general and uses real-world examples that show how to produce and document them
  • Explains how to use the popular scripting language PHP to create APIs that interact with unrelated applications over the Web
  • Examples take readers through each stage of the API process, from basic test implementations to integration with existing sites


Part One: Web Feeds.

Chapter 1: Introducing Web Services.

Chapter 2: Introducing Web Feeds.

Chapter 3: Consuming Web Feeds.

Chapter 4: Producing Web Feeds.

Part Two: APIs.

Chapter 5: Introduction to Web APIs.

Chapter 6: Interacting with the Google API.

Chapter 7: Interacting with the Amazon API.

Chapter 8: Interacting with the FedEx API.

Chapter 9: Interacting with the eBay API.

Chapter 10: Interacting with the PayPal API.

Chapter 11: Other Major APIs.

Chapter 12: Producing Web APIs.

Appendix A: Supporting Functions.

Appendix B: Complete Feed Specifications.

Appendix C: Development System.


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Errata Notice

Errata Notice:

Hi, First, thanks for buying and reading the book, here is a list of the problems I've discovered so far. I'm not sure exactly what process this file needs to go through to get from me to you, so I will keep an up to date version at:

If you find any problems/bugs/mistakes not listed here please let me know at:

I'm well aware that there are copies of the book floating around the net in .pdf or windows help format, if you came to this file after reading one of those, and found my book helpful please consider purchasing a copy, I worked hard on the book so you wouldn't have to work quite so hard working on APIs.


323Error in Chapter Reference
Chapter 5 discusses how you go about building your own feed,...

should be:
Chapter 4 discusses how you go about building your own feed,...

341Error in Chart
Dashes are missing in the chart at the top, it should read:
The contents define a character class, [0-9] will match any digit from zero to nine, [a-zA-Z0-9] would match any single lower case letter, upper case letter, or digit. [a-zA-Z0-9] would match any number of them.

Should be:

5108Error in Code
$request = createRequest('123', 'search', 'book','style);

Should be:
$request = createRequest('123', 'search', 'book','style');

(closing quote for style was ommited)

12SECURITY ISSUE in Chapter 12

The demonstrated REST API framework is vulnerable to XSS attacks since it displays un-escaped data when a call is made with an unknown paramater. Corrected code (simply applying htmlentities()) appears in the appropriate code file.


first code block:
(Code Line 95 in file qickSearch.php)

should be: