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Professionalism Reborn: Theory, Prophecy and Policy

Professionalism Reborn: Theory, Prophecy and Policy

Eliot Freidson

ISBN: 978-0-745-61446-5 June 1994 Polity 248 Pages


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This book is an original interpretation of the professions and the role of the professional in Western industrial societies today.


Part I: Clarifying the Concepts.

1. The Theory of the Professions: State of the Art.

2. How Dominant are the Professions?.

Part II: Elements of a Theory of Professionalism.

3. The Division of Labor as Social Interaction.

4. Professions and the Occupational Principle.

5. Occupational Autonomy and Labor Market Shelters.

Part III: Prophesying the Future of Professions.

6. Professionalization and the Organization of Middle-Class Labor in Post-Industrial Society.

7. The Futures of Professionalization.

8. The Changing Nature of Professional Control.

Part IV: Choosing Professionalism as Social Policy. .

9. Are Professions Necessary?.

10. Profession as Model and Ideology.

11. The Centrality of Professionalism to Health Care Policy.

12. Nourishing Professionalism.


'This is a useful, indeed an important book.' British Medical Journal
* An authoritative overview of the theoretical and methodological problems of the study of professions.
* Develops a systematic ideal type for professionalism based on fundamental concepts of the sociology of work.
* Presents a defence of professionalism as a more desirable method of organising important services than the alternatives being explored today.