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Profiling Linguistic Disability, 2nd Edition

Profiling Linguistic Disability, 2nd Edition

David Crystal

ISBN: 978-1-870-33293-4

Apr 1992

240 pages

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Profiling has been acknowledged as a major contribution to the treatment of language disorder. First developed with reference to grammatical disability, profiling is extended in this book to cover segmental phonology, prosody and semantics. The book also includes a revised version of the grammatical profiling procedure, LARSP.

For this second edition of the book all the existing material has been updated. In addition there is a new chapter, entitled "Putting Profiles into Practice", which contains extracts from case studies and several guidelines for teaching and therapy.

Preface to second edition.

Preface to first edition.

1. Linguistic profiles.

2. LARSP (language assessment, remediation and screening procedure).

3. PROPH(Profile of phonology).

4. PROP (prosody profile).

5. PRISM (profile in semantics).

6. Putting profiles into practice.

Bibliographical notes.