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Program Construction: Calculating Implementations from Specifications

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Program Construction: Calculating Implementations from Specifications

Roland Backhouse

ISBN: 978-0-470-86454-8 November 2003 352 Pages

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Most texts on logic or discrete math fail to show why math and logic are fundamental tools for programmers. Program Construction illustrates the importance of math and logic to programming, providing a complete, self-contained account of the principles of logical reasoning. Designed specifically so users can construct programs that meet their specifications, the book details program construction principles in a straightforward fashion, avoiding overly complicated theory, and then illustrating each with convincing examples.

A Science of Computing.

A Searching Problem and Its Solution.

Calculational Proof.

Implementation Issues.

Calculational Logic: Part 1.

Number Conversion.

Calculational Logic: Part 2.

Maximum and Minimum.

The Assignment Statement.

Sequential Composition and Conditional Statements.


Inductive Proofs and Constructions.


Sorting and Searching Algorithms.

Remainder Computation.

Cyclic Codes.


Solutions to Exercises.


Glossary of Symbols.


  • Unique approach tackles what most books don't - why maths and logic are fundamental tools for a programmer
  • This comprehensive guide is a balanced combination of mathematical theory and the practice of programming
  • Straightforward presentation of construction principles inlcuding: assignment axiom, sequential composition, case analysis, use of invariants and bound functions
  • Includes a wide range of entertaining and challenging examples and exercises