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Progress in Inorganic Chemistry, Volume 21

Progress in Inorganic Chemistry, Volume 21

Stephen J. Lippard (Editor)

ISBN: 978-0-470-16672-7 September 2009 294 Pages




This comprehensive series of volumes on inorganic chemistry provides inorganic chemists with a forum for critical, authoritative evaluations of advances in every area of the discipline. Every volume reports recent progress with a significant, up-to-date selection of papers by internationally recognized researchers, complemented by detailed discussions and complete documentation. Each volume features a complete subject index and the series includes a cumulative index as well.
Metal Carbonyls: Some New Observations in an Old Field (F. A. Cotton).

Polynuclear Complexes with Aminoalcohols and Iminoalcohols and Ligands: Oxygen-Bridged and Hydrogen-Bonded Species (J. A. Bertrand and P. G.


Multinuclear α610 Metal Ion Complexes with Sulfur-Containing Ligands (J. P. Fackler, Jr.).

Seven and Eight Coordinate Molybdenum Complexes, and Related Molybdenum (IV) Oxo Complexes, with Cyanide and Isocyanide Ligands (S. J. Lippard).

Ligand-Induced Redox Reactions of Low Oxidation State Rhenium Halides and Related System in Nonaqueous Solvents (R. A. Walton).

Homopolyatomic Ions of the Post-Transition Elements—Synthesis, Structure, and Bonding (J. D. Corbett).

Structural Studies Related to Photosynthesis: A Model for Chlorophyll-Aggregates in Photosynthetic Organisms (C. E. Strouse).

Molecular Orbital Theory, Chemical Bonding, and Photoelectron Spectroscopy for Transition Metal Complexes (R. F. Fenske).

Structure and Metal-Metal Interactions in Copper (II) Carboxylate Complexes (R. J. Doedens).

Structural and Magnetic Studies of Polynuclear Transition Metal B-Polyketonates (M. D. Glick and R. L.



Structure, and Properties of Some Organometallic Sulfur Cluster Compounds (P. J. Vergamini and G. J.