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Progress in Thermochemical Biomass Conversion

Progress in Thermochemical Biomass Conversion

A. V. Bridgwater (Editor)

ISBN: 978-0-470-69484-8

Apr 2008, Wiley-Blackwell

1744 pages

Select type: E-Book



This book is for chemical engineers, fuel technologists, agricultural engineers and chemists in the world-wide energy industry and in academic, research and government institutions. It provides a thorough review of, and entry to, the primary and review literature surrounding the subject. The authors are internationally recognised experts in their field and combine to provide both commercial relevance and academic rigour. Contributions are based on papers delivered to the Fifth International Conference sponsored by the IEA Bioenergy Agreement.

Co-combustion of coal and biomass wastes in fluidised bed; Development of catalytic wood fired boiler; The mathematical modelling of biomass pyrolysis in a fixed bed and experimental verification; Operating parameters for the circulating fluidised bed (CFB) processing of biomass; Combustion properties of a fuel bed - Experimental and modelling study; Summary of recent parametric studies of small-scale domestic biomass combustion; Combustion processes in a biomass fuel bed - Experimental results of the influence of airflow and of particle size and density; Influence of the ash composition in slagging and defluidisation in a biomass fired commercial CFB boiler; A new type of a boiler plant for dry and wet biofuel.

Gasification: Modern technologies of biomass conversion; Redox process for the production of clean hydrogen from biomass; Dynamic Modelling of Char Gasification in a Fixed-Bed; A two stage pyrolysis/gasification process for herbaceous waste biomass from agriculture; Fundamental fluid-dynamic investigations in a scaled cold model for biomass-steam gasification; Biomass Power Generation: Sugar Cane Bagasse and Trash; Biomass and waste to energy conversion in the Netherlands by means of (in) direct co-combustion: Status, projects and future applications in the Dutch utility sector; Gasification study of biomass mixed with plastic wastes; The development of methanol synthesis with biomass gasification; Final report: Varnamo demonstration programme; Design of a moving bed granular filter for biomass gasification.

Pyrolysis: Bagasse pyrolysis in a wire mesh reactor; BCO/Diesel oil emulsification: Main achievements of the emulsification process and preliminary results of tests on diesel engine; Overview of fast pyrolysis; Production of hydrogen from biomass-derived liquids; Levoglucosenone - A product of catalytic fast pyrolysis of cellulose; Pyrolysis and gasification of black liquors from alkaline pulping of straw in a fixed bed reactor; Thermal efficiency of the HTU process for biomass liquefaction; Low-temperature pyrolysis as a possible technique for the disposal of CCA treated wood waste; Mathematical modelling of the flash-pyrolysis process for wood particles; Flash pyrolysis of biomass in a conical spouted bed. Kinetic study in the 400-500C range; Scale up effect on plastics waste pyrolysis; Research on the rotating cone reactor for sawdust flash pyrolysis; Thermal desorption technology: Low temperature carbonisation of the biomass for manufacturing of activated carbon; Scaling-up and operation of a flash-pyrolysis system for bio-oil production and applications on basis of the rotating cone technology.

Systems: Utilisation of bagasse residues in power production; Barriers for the introduction of biomass in the Netherlands; Assessment of the techno-economic viability of a bioelectricity demonstration plant in Spain; Innovative components for decentralised combined heat and power generation from biomass gasification; A role of bioenergy utilization technologies considering bioenergy supply potential and energy systems using a global energy and land use model

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