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Project Management in the Process Industries

Project Management in the Process Industries

Roy Whittaker

ISBN: 978-0-470-86651-1

Nov 1995

384 pages

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This book addresses the direct contribution of the project manager in the process industries, the main components of which are taken to be the petro-chemical, chemical, and oil-refining industries. It focuses on the specific role of the project manager, as opposed to the complete task facing the project team, and explores the many facets of project management including: Project Organisation; Definition and Strategy; Contractual Relationships; Choice of Type of Contract; Contract Strategy and Organisation; Effects of Taxation and Financing on Overseas Contracts; Selecting and Assessing Bidders; Evaluating Bids; Conditions of Contract; Model Forms of Contract; Project Cost Management; Planning; Design; Construction and Take Over. The various stages within a project are examined without becoming overloaded with checklists, providing a thorough analysis of the precise role of the project manager in different scenarios. Designed for those already with some project management experience and wishing to increase their depth of knowledge, Project Management in the Process Industries is essential reading in any company or for any individual involved in project management.
Role and Organisation.

Project Definition and Strategy.

Initial Investigations.

Contractual Relationships.

Choice of Type of Contract.

Contract Strategy and Organisation.

Effects of Taxation and Financing on Overseas Contracts.

Selecting and Assessing the Bidders.

Evaluating the Bids.

Contract Documents.

Conditions of Contract.

Model Forms of Contract.

Some Relevant Model Forms.

Project Cost Management.



Construction and Takeover.