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Project Risk Management: Processes, Techniques and Insights, 2nd Edition

Project Risk Management: Processes, Techniques and Insights, 2nd Edition

Chris Chapman, Stephen Ward

ISBN: 978-1-118-58520-7 March 2013 374 Pages


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Based on sound conceptual foundations yet developed to meet practical concerns, Project Risk Management has become recognized as a standard work on its subject. It sets out the key issues and concepts involved in effective risk and uncertainty management in a clear and accessible way, providing a comprehensive discussion of risk management processes set firmly in the context of the project management task as a whole and focused on improving performance. The Second Edition has been extensively revised and updated to meet the new challenges of the field, and offers methodologies and techniques that are applicable to all kinds and all sizes of project.

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Foreword to the first edition.

Foreword to the second edition.



Part I: Setting the scene.

1. Uncertainty, risk, and their management.

2. The project life cycle.

3. Motives for formal risk management processes.

4. An overview of generic risk management processes.

Part II: Elaborating the generic process framework.

5. Define the project.

6. Focus the process.

7. Identify the issues.

8. Structure the issues.

9. Clarify ownership.

10. Estimate variability.

11. Evaluate overall implications.

12. Harness the plans.

13. Manage implementation.

Part III: Closing the loop.

14. Risk management initiated at different stages in the project life cycle.

15. Effective and efficient risk management.

16. Ownership issues: a contractor perspective.

17. Organizing for risk management.



  • A cornerstone work from important thinkers - based on rigorous conceptual foundations and thus perfect for courses, but also developed to address the everyday practical concerns of those working in the field
  • Updated to meet the new challenges of project risk management – incorporates discussion of all key developments since 1997, and adds new material from the US PMI to deliver a global perspective
  • Redesigned and reorganized to increase readability and improve the flow of ideas