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Projekte sicher managen

Projekte sicher managen

Marijan Kosel, Jürgen Weißenrieder

ISBN: 978-3-527-50255-4

Jul 2007

215 pages

Select type: Hardcover

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According to various studies, only very few projects add to the value of a company. Many are even destined to fail from the start. Yet projects do not usually fail due to the methods and instruments, but due to people. Successful project management requires a corporate culture of reliability, trust, communication, team-oriented leadership and an entrepreneurial philosophy. Here, the authors show in a very impressive and practical way the influence of corporate culture on the success of a project, and how project leaders can make their projects a success despite "pathological cultural elements", such as departmental thinking, mistrust, alibi-behavior or unreliability. It is against this background that the four factors for success in project management are explained - project efficacy, project efficiency, project participation and project management. In so doing, they describe useful instruments and approaches to the main aspects of project management, such as clarifying aims and jobs, project organization, project planning, milestone planning, selection of project members, leading project groups, and efficient project meetings. Concrete examples from practice illustrate the contents and heighten the success of the project and company. The whole is rounded off by checklists for the course of the project and practical working documentation - such as project sketches and project guidelines.