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Property Entrepreneur: The Wealth Dragon Way to Build a Successful Property Business



Property Entrepreneur: The Wealth Dragon Way to Build a Successful Property Business

Vincent Wong

ISBN: 978-1-119-32750-9 August 2016 208 Pages


Property Investing the Wealth Dragon Way

Property Entrepreneur explains how anyone can make money from property, regardless of their financial situation. Author Vincent Wong is one of the UK's most dynamic and respected property entrepreneurs, and this book outlines his approach to creating wealth through property investing for both seasoned and aspiring investors. Emphasising the importance of treating property investing as a business, the author shares the wisdom of his first-hand experience and his investment techniques to help you navigate the ever-shifting property market and become a true property entrepreneur. There is more than one way to break into the property game, and it doesn't have to involve saving for one large deposit after another; this book covers tried and tested strategies beyond the traditional approaches to property investing. Whether you're contemplating your first, fifth or fifteenth property, Property Entrepreneur will help to light your entrepreneurial spark and show you how to turn property into profit.

Property entrepreneurship is like any other business: if you want to succeed, you must take the time to learn from those who have mastered the best techniques. This book gives you access to the mind, motivations and methods of a top investor to help you start and build your own property business. This book will show you:

  • How to start viewing property investing as a business
  • Why you need to eliminate unproductive habits and attitudes
  • The best ways to maximise profits and create a secure, passive income
  • How to nurture your entrepreneurial spirit and watch your business grow

Property investing can look daunting and complex to those without experience. The rules are constantly being rewritten, the goalposts are regularly shifted and the market looks like an unpredictable beast. Property Entrepreneur will challenge your preconceptions, and help you navigate the path to real, lasting wealth.

Preface ix

Acknowledgments xi

About the Author xiii

Introduction: My Property Journey 1

Part I The Old Deal

Chapter 1 The History Of Property 9

Chapter 2 Traditional Property Investing 17

Chapter 3 Who Wants To Be A Property Investor? 21

Part II The New Deal

Chapter 4 What’s Wrong With The Old Deal? 41

Chapter 5 Understanding The New Deal 47

Chapter 6 Starting Your Property Business 59

Chapter 7 A Systemized Business Is A Successful Business 65

Chapter 8 Seven Dealmaking Strategies 93

Chapter 9 Dealing With Objections 129

Chapter 10 The Seven Golden Rules For Property Entrepreneurs 139

Part III The Real Deal

Chapter 11 Probate Property In Leeds 147

Chapter 12 Property With Registered Charges Against It In Stanmore 151

Chapter 13 Urgent Sale Needed To Clear Debts In Birmingham 157

Chapter 14 From BMV To Lease-Option Deal In Liverpool 163

Chapter 15 Urgent Lease-Option Deal In Lincoln 167

Chapter 16 Lease-Option Deal On Dilapidated Property In Sheffield 169

Chapter 17 Part Now, Part Later Deal On Probate Property In Barnsley 173

Chapter 18 The Dutch Deals 175

Final Word: The Future Of The Property Business – Your Role 183

Index 187