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Proposal Preparation, 2nd Edition

Proposal Preparation, 2nd Edition

Rodney D. Stewart, Ann L. Stewart

ISBN: 978-0-471-55269-7 August 1992 384 Pages


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This is a ``must-have'' for anyone who desires to effectively and successfully sell their products, projects, ideas or services. The new edition has been revised and expanded to include detailed coverage of the current methods and procedures required by the government and used by commercial companies for bid preparation; the latest applications for identifying and tracking fund sources; new desktop publishing techniques for rapid proposal preparation along with available software; and storyboarding methods. The concept of ``straight-line'' control is presented for the first time and a complete case study provided to illustrate how to evolve a proposal from development through strategic marketing planning.
Why Study Proposal Preparation?.

Strategic Market Planning and Market Development: Their Effect onProposal Preparation.

Preproposal Marketing and the Decision to Bid.

Preparing for Proposal Activities.

Organizing the Proposal Team.

The Request for Proposal: What to Expect.

The Technical Proposal.

The Organization and Management Proposal.

The Cost Proposal.

Proposal Writing.

Computer-Aided Preparation of Requests for Proposals (RFPs) andProposals.

How the Proposal Is Evaluated.

Key Elements Required for Success.

Case Study: A Winning Proposal.