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Protecting Groups in Organic Synthesis: Postgraduate Chemistry Series



Protecting Groups in Organic Synthesis: Postgraduate Chemistry Series

James R. Hanson

ISBN: 978-1-850-75957-7 November 1999 Wiley-Blackwell 140 Pages


This volume provides, at postgraduate student level, an accessible introduction to a topic of central importance in organic synthesis. It covers the main functional groups requiring protection in organic synthesis, explaining why a particular protecting agent works and how an agent should be chosen. Emphasis is placed on what a protecting group is doing chemically to the structure that it is protecting. Attention is given to removal of the protecting group.

This is a clear and thoughtful book, which concentrates on explaining the chemistry. It also provides a convenient point of entry to the primary literature.

Introduction; The protection of alcohols; The protection of aldehydes and ketones; The protection of carboxylic acids; The protection of the amino group; The protection of thiols; The protection of unsaturated systems; Some experimental methods; Some common abbreviations for protecting groups and reagents; Bibliography and references; Index.