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Protein Engineering: Tools and Applications

Protein Engineering: Tools and Applications

Huimin Zhao (Editor), Sang Yup Lee (Series Editor), Jens Nielsen (Series Editor), Gregory Stephanopoulos (Series Editor)

ISBN: 978-3-527-81511-1

May 2020

144 pages

Select type: E-Book


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The book provides a systematic and comprehensive look at recent advances in the field, detailing the methodologies and strategies behind these approaches. This provides the reader with the distinctive advantages and disadvantages of the presenten methodologies and strategies in a target focused process and allows the reader to adapt and implement the strategies for new applications. The first three parts of the book are dedicated to the directed evolution, rational design and semi-rational design of proteins while the last two parts present applications in industrial and medical biotechnology.

Section I. Directed Evolution
I-1. Directed evolution of proteins
I-2. MALDI MS imaging tools
I-3. Cell surface display
I-5. In vivo biosensors
I-6. Continuous protein evolution

Section II. Rational Design
II-1. Computational protein design
II-2. Predicting protein functions using computational tools
II-3. Enzyme engineering by QM/MM simulations
II-4. Structural modeling

Section III. Semi-rational Design
III-1. Iterative saturation mutagenesis
III-3. Data-driven protein engineering

Sections IV. Applications in industrial technology
IV-1. Artificial metalloenzyme engineering
IV-2. P450 engineering
IV-3. Engineering Proteins using non-natural amino acids
IV-4. Protein engineered biomaterials

Section V. Applications in medical biotechnology
V-1. Antibody engineering
V-2. CAR-T immunotherapy engineering
V-3. Development of genome editing tools
V-4. Non-antibody scaffold engineering
V-5. Molecular tools for cellular imaging