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Protein Methods, 2nd Edition

Protein Methods, 2nd Edition

Daniel M. Bollag, Michael D. Rozycki, Stuart J. Edelstein

ISBN: 978-0-471-11837-4

Jul 1996

432 pages

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Protein Methods
Daniel M. Bollag/ Michael D. Rozycki /Stuart J. Edelstein
Reviews from the first edition
" is very well written...would certainly be of use to undergraduate and postgraduate students entering the complex world of protein preparation and to more experienced scientists entering this field for the first time."-Biotechnology and Applied Biochemistry
"The book presents these topics with loads of practical detail, so that the reader has little need to consult other reference sources to carry out the techniques described. All in all, a useful book..." -Theoretical & Applied Genetics
"...clearly written with protocols that are easy to follow and the text is well spread-out and easy to read...all methods are fully referenced...a useful book for beginners at a reasonable price." -FEBS Letters
This revised and expanded Second Edition of Protein Methods remains the first source for a complete summary of tested and proven protein techniques. Now divided into two parts, the book begins with the essential chapters from the first edition, updated to reflect important changes in methodology. The chapter on protein isolation includes a new section focusing on the isolation of proteins from inclusion bodies. In the second section, four new chapters are devoted to protein purification and crystallization.
Chapters include
* Preparation for Protein Isolation
* Protein Extraction and Solubilization
* Protein Concentration Determination
* Concentrating Protein Solutions
* Gel Electrophoresis Under Denaturing Conditions
* Gel Electrophoresis Under
...and feature
* reagent items and equipment required for each method
* chapter "view-at-a-glance" tabs
* illustrations for all gel applications and other methods
* complete supplier list
* appendices of basic chemical parameters and molecular data
* key references
* descriptive tables
* Safety notes.
Preparation for Protein Isolation.

Protein Extraction and Solubilization.

Protein Concentration Determination.

Concentrating Protein Solutions.

Gel Electrophoresis Under Denaturing Conditions.

Gel Electrophoresis Under Nondenaturing Conditions.

Isoelectric Focusing and Two-Dimensional Gel Electrophoresis.


Ion Exchange Chromatography.

Gel Filtration Chromatography.

Affinity Chromatography.

Hanging Drop Crystallization.