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Proterozic Lithospheric Evolution

Proterozic Lithospheric Evolution

A. Kröner (Editor)

ISBN: 978-1-118-67026-2 March 2013 American Geophysical Union 273 Pages


Published by the American Geophysical Union as part of the Geodynamics Series, Volume 17.

There have been significant new results in many fields of the earth sciences as concerns the Proterozoic, and many of these originated from new techniques, new concepts and from increasing multidisciplinary research. The most significant result, perhaps, is the recognition of a major crust-forming event of global proportions some 1.7 to 2 Ga ago when juvenile crust was generated in a variety of tectonic settings that are still vigorously debated. Arguments for subduction-related horizontal accretion during the mid-Proterozoic are presented for North America and the Baltic Shield while the Australian crust does not seem to fit such a pattern, and vertical accretion is favored there. In northeast Africa arc and microplate accretion with extensive ophiolite obduction in the late Proterozoic is remarkably similar to modern tectonic processes such as in the SW Pacific, while crust-generation rates seem to have been abnormally high at that time and in this region. In contrast, models for intracrustal orogeny are preferred to explain the evolution of some late Proterozoic African terrains. Proterozoic foredeeps have been recognized adjacent to several major thrust belts in North America and contain major iron formations that may be genetically related to foredeep magmatism.

Foreword Raymond
A. Price ix

Preface and Dedication
Alfred Kroner xi

Phanerozoic and Precambrian Crustal Growth Arthur
P.S. Reymer and Gerald Schubert 1

Petrologic Aspects of Precambrian Granulite Facies Terrains Bearing on Their Origins
Robert C. Newton 11

Fluid Distribution in the Continental Lithosphere
Jacques Touret 27

Precambrian Carbonaceous Formations: Their Evolution and Metal Content
N. A. Sozinov and O. V. Gorbachev 35

Early and Middle Proterozoic Provinces in the Central United States
W. R. Van Schmus, M. E. Bickford, and I. Zietz 43

Proterozoic Tectonic Elements of the U.S. Mapped by COCORP Deep Seismic Profiling
Larry D. Brown 69

Early Proterozoic Foredeeps, Foredeep Magmatism, and Superior-Type Iron-Formations of the
Canadian Shield Paul F. Hoffman 85

Seismic Features of Proterozoic Crust in Northern Australia and Their Evolution
D. M. Finlayson 99

Sm-Nd Isotopic Constraints on the Evolution of Precambrian Crust in the Australian Continent
M. T. McCulloch 115

Orogenesis and Tectonic Process in the Early to Middle Proterozoic of Northern Australia
M. A. Etheridge, R. W. R. Rutland, and L. A. I. Wyborn 131

The Precambrian History of the Baltic Shield
Roland Gorbatschev and Gabor Gadl 149

Geodynamic Significance of Contrasting Granitoid Types in Northern Sweden
M. R. Wilson, B. Ohlander,M. Cuney, and P. J. Hamilton 161

Comparative Characteristics of the Lithosphere of the Russian Platform, the West Siberian
Platform and the Siberian Platform From Seismic Observations on Long-Range Profiles
Ju. A. Burmakov, N.M. Chernyshev, L. P. Vinnik, and A. V. Yegorkin 175

Geoelectrical and Palaeomagnetic Studies on the Bushveld Complex
J.H. de Beer, R. Meyer, and P. J. Hattingh 191

The Structural-Stratigraphic Development of Part of the Namaqua Metamorphic Complex, South
Africa--An Example of Proterozoic Major Thrust Tectonics
G. van Aswegen, D. Strydom, W. P. Colliston, H. E. Praekelt, A. E. Schoch, H. J. Blignault, B. J. V. Botha, and S. W. van der Merwe 207

Crustal Evolution of the Northern Kibaran Belt, Eastern and Central Africa
Jean Klerkx, Jean-Paul Ligeois, Johan Lavreau, and Werner Claessens 217

Pan-African Crustal Evolution in the Nubian Segment of Northeast Africa
A. KrSner, R. Greiling, T. Reischmann, I. M. Hussein, R. J. Stern, S. Dirr, J. Kritger, and M. Zimmer 235

Proterozoic Crustal Development in the Pan-African Regime of Nigeria
A. C. Ajibade, M. Woakes, and M. A. Rahaman 259

List of Reviewers 273