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Psoriasis: Diagnosis and Management

Wolfram Sterry (Editor), Robert Sabat (Editor), Sandra Philipp (Editor)

ISBN: 978-1-118-66179-6 October 2014 Wiley-Blackwell 288 Pages


Practical and user-friendly, this is the ideal guide to the diagnosis and treatment of psoriasis, helping you navigate a logical management pathway through a complex maze of possibilities.

Psoriasis is a cruel disease that can seriously affect the sufferer’s quality and length of life. It is also highly idiosyncratic, with features that vary greatly from patient to patient; this being mirrored in the highly variable response to treatment. It is increasingly recognized that psoriasis is not a discrete disease and that many patients suffer two or three comorbid conditions that can complicate the efforts of doctors treating patients.

Psoriasis: Diagnosis and Management will provide dermatologists of all levels with a practical, well-illustrated approach to fully understanding the disease, including clear, clinical guidance to enable best-practice and effective management of patients.

In full color throughout and excellently illustrated, key highlights include:

  • easily understandable description of the psoriasis pathogenesis;
  • a strong emphasis on the clinical features of psoriasis;
  • careful consideration of comorbid conditions as part of the psoriatic spectrum to be managed;
  • coverage of both traditional and contemporary management approaches;
  • plenty of diagnostic algorithms and management protocols to aid the daily practical care of patients.

Brought to you by several of the world’s leading authorities on the subject, Psoriasis: Diagnosis and Management is an essential purchase for the dermatologist.

List of contributors, vii

Preface, ix

Part I: Epidemiology and economic aspects

1 Epidemiology and economic aspects, 3
Luigi Naldi, Simone Cazzaniga, and Giovanna Rao

2 Cost-effective psoriasis management, 11
Luigi Naldi, Simone Cazzaniga, and Giovanna Rao

Part II: Etiology and pathogenesis

3 Microscopic skin alterations, 21
Kerstin Wolk, Hans-Joachim Röwert-Huber, and Robert Sabat

4 Pathogenesis of psoriasis, 28
Robert Sabat and Kerstin Wolk

5 Genetics of psoriasis, 49
Ellen Witte and Robert Sabat

Part III: Clinical features/diagnostic procedure

6 Plaque psoriasis, 57
Wolfram Sterry

7 Gutatte psoriasis, 76
Wolfram Sterry and Frank Bachmann

8 Erythrodermic psoriasis, 81
Wolfram Sterry

9 Pustular psoriasis, 84
Sandra Philipp

10 Nail psoriasis, 93
Sandra Philipp

11 Psoriatic arthritis, 98
Marina Backhaus

12 Mucosal presentation of psoriasis, 108
Georgios Kokolakis

13 Psoriasis in different life situations, 112
Sandra Philipp

Part IV: Evaluation of disease severity

14 Evaluation of disease severity—clinical scores and questionnaires, 129
Frank Bachmann

Part V: Psoriasis and associated diseases

15 Psoriasis and associated diseases, 143
Steven M. Nwe and Kenneth B. Gordon

Part VI: Therapeutic management

16 Therapeutic aim of psoriasis therapy, 161
Sandra Philipp

17 Treatment of plaque psoriasis, 163

Topical therapy of psoriasis, 163
Knud Kragballe

Phototherapy and photochemotherapy, 175
Erhard Hölzle

Classical systemic treatments, 184
Peter C.M. van de Kerkhof

Biologics, 197
Sandra Philipp

18 Special therapeutic aspects, 214
Wolfram Sterry

19 Combination treatments, 221
Peter C.M. van de Kerkhof

20 Optimizing adherence to treatment, 228
Frank Bachmann

21 Psoriasis therapy in children, 233
Sandra Philipp

22 Therapy of psoriasis during pregnancy, 241
Sandra Philipp

23 Recent and future developments in targeted therapy, 249
Caitriona Ryan and Alan Menter

Index, 268