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Psyche and Helix: Psychological Aspects of Genetic Counseling

Psyche and Helix: Psychological Aspects of Genetic Counseling

Robert G. Resta (Editor)

ISBN: 978-0-471-35055-2 July 2000 192 Pages


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Genetic diseases affect the lives of millions of people, regardlessof age, race, religion, ethnicity, or social status. Every day,discoveries point to the complex role of genetics in commondisorders such as cancer, heart disease, and Alzheimer's disease.Experience and research have shown that being at risk for a geneticdisease can have devastating psychological effects on patients andtheir families. Genetic counseling helps families and patients copewith the medical, psychological, and social effects of geneticdiseases. It is to this end that genetic counselors must besensitive to the needs of patients and families, understand thepsychological meaning of clients' behaviors, and communicate thatunderstanding in ways that leave clients emotionally enriched,psychologically stronger, and more competent to deal with their ownlives.

This insightful book covers topics such as:
* Management of guilt and shame
* Roles of directiveness in patient care
* How a healthcare professional can expand counseling skills
* Understanding the distinction between education andcounseling
* Detailed analysis of a genetic counseling session

Providing practical and clinically meaningful ways to enhancecounseling skills of genetic counselors, physicians, nurses, socialworkers, and other healthcare professionals, Psyche and Helix:Psychological Aspects of Genetic Counseling consists of essayscompiled over two decades, which will serve as a primary source ofinformation for healthcare professionals who render geneticcounseling.
Analysis of a Transcript.

Quantitative Analysis of a Transcript of a Genetic CounselingSession.

Management of Guilt and Shame.

Suffering and Countertransference.

Preselection: A Family Coping Strategy in Huntington Disease.

Advanced Counseling Techniques.

More on Counseling Skills.

Empathy and Decency.

A Critical Review of the Literature Dealing with Education andReproduction.

Teaching and Counseling.

Thoughts on Directiveness.

Nondirectiveness Revisited.

Notes and Reflections.

"Genetic counseling instructors worldwide will benefit.... Not only is it convenient for distributing Dr. Kessler s articles to students, but it is also an effective means to convey the substantial contributions made by a great leader in our profession. Practicing genetic counselors, nurses, and medical geneticists will also value owning the book.... Thanks to Mr. Resta for the idea and for encouraging Dr. Kessler and the journal publishers to agree to the need for this useful resource." (Journal of Genetic Counseling, Vol. 10, No. 3, 2001)