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Psychobiological Approaches for Anxiety Disorders: Treatment Combination Strategies

Psychobiological Approaches for Anxiety Disorders: Treatment Combination Strategies

Stefan G. Hofmann (Editor)

ISBN: 978-1-119-94590-1 March 2012 Wiley-Blackwell 216 Pages


Psychobiological Approaches for Anxiety Disorders presents a comprehensive overview of the latest empirical evidence and research results on combining pharmacological agents and CBT techniques for the treatment of anxiety disorders.

  • The first book to focus on the issue of enhancing CBT with pharmacological agents
  • Features chapters from leading authors in the fields of psychiatry, pharmacology, clinical psychology, neuroscience, and emotion research
  • Contributes significantly to the field by summarizing the contemporary research in combination treatments in anxiety disorders
  • A valuable resource for clinicians in training, as well as experienced clinicians seeking to help patients with anxiety disorders
About the Contributors  vii

About the Editor xi

Introduction  1
Stefan G. Hofmann

Chapter 1 The Biology and Efficacy of Combination Strategies for Anxiety Disorders  5
Keith A. Ganasen and Dan J. Stein

Chapter 2 Benzodiazepines  25
Bridget A. Hearon and Michael W. Otto

Chapter 3 Tricyclic Antidepressants and Monoamine Oxidase Inhibitors  41
Franklin R. Schneier

Chapter 4 Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitors, Reversible Inhibitors of Monoamine Oxidase-A, and Buspirone  61
Borwin Bandelow, Markus Reitt, and Dirk Wedekind

Chapter 5 D-Cycloserine 75
Adam J. Guastella and Gail A. Alvares

Chapter 6 Yohimbine Hydrochloride  91
Samantha G. Farris, Michelle L. Davis, Lindsey B. DeBoer, Jasper A. J. Smits, and Mark B. Powers

Chapter 7 Cortisol 109
Leila Maria Soravia and Dominique J.-F. de Quervain

Chapter 8 Oxytocin 123
Markus Heinrichs, Frances S. Chen, and Gregor Domes

Chapter 9 Dietary Supplements 145
Lindsey B. DeBoer, Michelle L. Davis, Mark B. Powers, and Jasper A. J. Smits

Chapter 10 A Roadmap for the Research and Practice of Combination Strategies 181
Stefan G. Hofmann

Index 195