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Psychology, 4th Australian and New Zealand Edition

Psychology, 4th Australian and New Zealand Edition

Lorelle J. Burton, Drew Westen, Robin M. Kowalski

ISBN: 978-0-730-30468-5

Sep 2014

1000 pages

Select type: Paperback

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Building on the success of the market-leading and award-winning previous editions, Psychology: 4th Australian and New Zealand Edition has been thoroughly updated to provide comprehensive coverage of contemporary local and international data, research and examples in the dynamic field of psychology. A key strength of the text and its extensive online accompanying resources continues to be its integrated coverage of cross-cultural and indigenous psychology, a requirement for the professional accreditation of Psychology degree programs. The text and its associated resources are ideal for both Psychology majors and those taking only a one-semester study of Psychology.

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Preface xiii

About the authors xvi

Accompanying resources xvii

How to use this book xviii

Australian and New Zealand content at a glance xxii

1. Psychology: the study of mental processes and behaviour 1

2. Research methods in psychology 39

3. Biological bases of mental life and behaviour 75

4. Sensation and perception 115

5. Consciousness 171

6. Learning 209

7. Memory 245

8. Thought and language 287

9. Intelligence 331

10. Motivation and emotion 363

11. Personality 413

12. Physical and cognitive development 457

13. Social development 497

14. Health, stress and coping 543

15. Psychological disorders 597

16. Treatment of psychological disorders 649

17. Attitudes and social cognition 689

18. Interpersonal processes 733

19. Cross-cultural and indigenous psychology 777

Solutions to application questions 833

Acknowledgements 837

Glossary 840

References 862

Name index 944

Subject index 962

  • 25% more Australian and New Zealand content (examples, statistics, and research) throughout the text.
  • New and updated Commentary boxed features in each chapter by leading academics encourage students to extend their thinking on topical issues.
  • New and updated One Step Further boxed featuresin each chapter by leading academics provide more advancedcoverage of specific topics.
  • Coverage of DSM-5, including a discussion of the controversies surrounding the recent update of this classification and diagnostic tool for mental health disorders.
  • Concept Maps open each chapter, outlining the key psychological topics and concepts to be explored.
  • From Brain to Behaviour boxed features show how psychology is situated between the nervous system and our cultural experience.
  • Ethical Dilemmas stimulate critical thinking by providing students with examples of potentially challenging situations commonly faced in psychology.