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Psychology, Study Guide, 3rd Australasian and New Zealand Edition

Psychology, Study Guide, 3rd Australasian and New Zealand Edition

Lorelle J. Burton, Alastair Younger

ISBN: 978-1-742-16682-7

Nov 2011

426 pages

Select type: Paperback

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A perfect companion to the textbook Psychology: 3rd Australasian and New Zealand Edition, this study guide will enable you to efficiently review key concepts and test your knowlwdge. It is designed to facilitate active learning that incorporates specific guidelines to help you to remember information by following the six steps used by the SQ4R system:

  • Survey
  • Question
  • Read
  • Recite
  • Review
  • Write.

By actively taking control of the learning process in this way, the goal is to help you better understand and apply the concepts from the book.

The chapters in the study guide correspond to the chapters in the textbook, and contain the following features:

  • chapter outline
  • learning objectives
  • key terms
  • active learning exercices
  • chapter review
  • self-tests (sample test questions and answers).

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Chapter 1 Psychology: the study of mental processes and behaviour  1

Chapter 2 Research methods in psychology 22

Chapter 2 supplement Statistical principles in psychological research 45

Chapter 3 Biological bases of mental life and behaviour 56

Chapter 4 Sensation and perception  78

Chapter 5 Consciousness  102

Chapter 6 Learning  124

Chapter 7 Memory  147

Chapter 8 Thought and language 169

Chapter 9 Intelligence 190

Chapter 10 Motivation and emotion  209

Chapter 11 Personality  229

Chapter 12 Physical and cognitive development 253

Chapter 13 Social development  271

Chapter 14 Health, stress and coping  294

Chapter 15 Psychological disorders  316

Chapter 16 Treatment of psychological disorders  339

Chapter 17 Attitudes and social cognition  361

Chapter 18 Interpersonal processes  385

Chapter 19 Cross-cultural and indigenous psychology  405