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Psychology: A Contemporary Introduction

Psychology: A Contemporary Introduction

Peter Scott (Editor), Chris Spencer (Editor)

ISBN: 978-0-631-19235-0

Mar 1998, Wiley-Blackwell

798 pages

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This introductory text contains European data, cases and examples alongside traditional American material.

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Part I: Introduction:.

1. Introduction to Psychology: Peter Scott (Open University) and Christopher Spencer (University of Sheffield).

Part II: Lifespan Development:.

2. Infancy and Childhood: Mark Blades (University of Sheffield), Jill Boucher (University of Sheffield) and Peter Smith (Goldsmith's College, London).

3. Adolescence and Adulthood: Peter Smith (Goldsmith's College, London) and Helen Cowie (Roehampton Institute, London).

Part III: Biological Psychology:.

4. Evolution and Sociobiology: Richard Byrne (University of St Andrews).

5. Neuroscience: Robin Stevens (University of Nottingham).

6. Perception: Mike Harris (University of Birmingham).

Part IV: Cognitive Psychology:.

7. Memory: Alan Parkin (University of Sussex).

8. Learning, Skill and Expertise: Rod Nicolson (University of Sheffield).

9. Thinking and Reasoning: Alan Garnham (University of Sussex).

10. Language: Peter Scott (Open University).

Part V: Social Psychology:.

11. Social Cognition: Self, Attitudes and Attributions: Paschal Sheeran and Sheina Orbell (Both University of Sheffield).

12. Social Group Processes - From the Dyad to the Small Group to the Crowd: Christopher Spencer (University of Sheffield).

13. Environmental Psychology: Christopher Spencer (University of Sheffield).

Part VI: The Individual:.

14. Personality - the Individual and Society: Paschal Sheeran and Sheina Orbell (Both University of Sheffield).

15. Intelligence: Mark Blades (University of Sheffield).

Part VII: Applied Psychology:.

16. Clinical and Health Psychology: Graham Turpin and Pauline Slade (Both University of Sheffield).

17. Psychology in the Workplace: Nik Chmiel (University of Sheffield).

Part VIII: Conclusion:.

18. Conclusion: Peter Scott (Open University) and Christopher Spencer (University of Sheffield).