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Psychology For The VCE Student 1&2 7E eBookPLUS (Online Purchase)

Psychology For The VCE Student 1&2 7E eBookPLUS (Online Purchase)

ISBN: 978-0-730-32135-4

Feb 2016, Jacaranda

Psychology — Introduction and research methods
Chapter 1
Introduction to psychology
Defining psychology and its subject matter
Scientific nature of psychology
Scientific vs non-scientific explanations
Classic and contemporary perspectives in psychology
Careers and areas of specialisation in psychology
Overview of VCE Psychology

Chapter 2
Research methods in psychology
Steps in psychological research
Research methods
Types of data
Organising, presenting and interpreting data
Ethics in psychological research and reporting
Use of animals in psychological research
Reporting conventions 

UNIT 1: How are behavior and mental processes shaped?
Chapter 3
Role of the brain in mental processes and behaviour
Complexity of the brain
Approaches over time to understanding the role of the brain
First brain experiments
Nervous system: structure and function
Role of the neuron
Glial cells
Structure and function of brain areas
Roles of the cerebral cortex

Chapter 4
Brain plasticity and brain damage
Brain development in infancy and adolescence
Impact of injury to the cerebral cortex and adaptive plasticity
Parkinson’s disease

Chapter 5
The complexity of psychological development
Defining development
Areas of development
Interaction of different areas of development
How psychological development proceeds
Interaction of hereditary and environmental factors in shaping psychological development
Sensitive and critical periods in psychological development
Twin studies and adoption studies
Attachment and emotional development
Development of cognitive abilities
Psychosocial development

Chapter 6
Atypical psychological development
Approaches to describing normality
Conceptualisation of normality
Mental health and mental disorder
Mental health as a product of internal and external factors
Categories of mental disorders
Labelling someone with a mental disorder
Addiction disorders
Anxiety disorders
Mood disorders
Personality disorders
Psychotic disorders
The ‘two-hit’ hypothesis as an explanation for the development of schizophrenia 

UNIT 2: How do external factors influence behaviour and  mental processes?
Chapter 7
Sensation and perception
Distinction between sensation and perception
Reception, processing and interpretation of sensory information
Visual perception
Taste perception
Influences on taste perception

Chapter 8
Distortions of perception
Visual illusions
Judgment of flavours

Chapter 9
Social cognition
Person perception — forming impressions of other people
Attribution — explaining behaviour
Attitudes and behaviour
Factors influencing attitude formation
Stereotypes, prejudice and discrimination

Chapter 10
Social influences on behaviour
Social influence
What is a group?
Status and social power within groups
Influence of status and social power within groups
Influences on helping behaviour
Influences on reluctance to help
Influences of media on behaviour