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Psychology and the Challenges of Life: Adjustment and Growth, 13th Edition


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Psychology and the Challenges of Life: Adjustment and Growth, 13th Edition

Jeffrey S. Nevid, Spencer A. Rathus

ISBN: ES8-1-118-97825-2


In the 13th edition of Psychology and the Challenges of Life: Adjustment and Growth, authors Jeffrey Nevid and Spencer Rathus continue to reflect on the many ways in which psychology relates to  the lives we live and the important roles that psychology can play in helping us adjust to the many challenges we face in our daily lives. Throughout, the authors explore applications of psychological concepts and principles in meeting life challenges such as managing our time, developing our self-identity, building  and maintaining friendships and intimate relationships, adopting  healthier behaviors and lifestyles, coping with stress, and dealing with emotional problems and psychological disorders.

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  • Applies psychological principles to aid readers in meeting the challenges they face in their daily lives, to solve problems, and to reach their individual potentials
  • Communicates the scientific nature of psychology through coverage of research methods, and the review of classic and current studies in the field
  • Integrates coverage of human diversity throughout the text
  • Organized in modules to suit today’s busy student
  • Applying Psychology in Daily Life section help students see how psychological knowledge discussed in the chapter applies to problems and issues of modern life