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Psychology in Action, 12th Edition

Psychology in Action, 12th Edition

ISBN: 978-1-119-36469-6

Nov 2017

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Psychology in Action is a comprehensive introductory Psychology program that fosters active learning and provides a wealth of tools that empower students to master and make connections between the key concepts of the course. An abundance of integrated media content including topical videos, tutorial videos and animations, interactive illustrations, interviews, and virtual field trips enlivens students’ experience as they achieve each well-defined learning objective. Students will leave the course with a solid foundation in basic psychology that will serve them in their daily lives no matter what their chosen field of study and career path.

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  • Grit and a Growth Mindset: Studies find that “grit” and a “growth mindset” may be even more important than IQ in determining individual success in work and academic settings. With this in mind, each course section begins with a brief description of a famous figure who exemplifies both qualities and then references those stories later in the section to illustrate core concepts. These repeated stories of success reassure students that achievement is largely under their control and thereby inspires them to use grit and a growth mindset to achieve their own personal dreams and aspirations. Each course section includes a “Psychology and a Contemporary Success” or a “Psychology and a Classical Success” story.
  • Personal and Professional Success: The course also includes two all new-features (“Psychology and Your Personal Success” in every section, and in most sections, “Psychology and Your Professional Success”) to further demonstrate how knowing psychology, along with a growth mindset and grit, can help students succeed in the real world.
  • New Animations, Tutorial Videos, and Mini-Courses: A variety of the animations and video tutorials included in the course are new. The course now also features video “Mini-Courses” to support students in learning complex topics.
  • Abundant Tutorial Animations, Videos, Virtual Field Trips and other Media: Each course section includes topical and tutorial videos, animations, virtual field trips to real places, interactive illustrations, and other media bringing concepts to life, engaging students in an active learning experience, and appealing to a variety of learning styles.
  • Orion Adaptive Practice: Every student has a different starting point, and adaptive practice provides endless opportunities for practice to effectively prepare for class or quizzes and exams. Active retrieval of information with practice questions is proven to improve retention of information better than re-reading or reviewing the material, and students who use adaptive practice to prepare for exams do significantly better than those who do not. Students begin with a quick, chapter-level diagnostic to determine their initial level of understanding, and they can use the dashboard and quick reports to see what topics they know and don’t know.
  • Support for Developing Critical Thinking Skills:A special “Critical Thinking” preface and structured exercises throughout each course section provide the scaffolding and framework for students to develop their critical thinking skills. Connections questions in each end-of-section Retrieval Practice activity strengthen students’ grasp of concepts and ability to relate concepts from one course section to another and to the seven major perspectives of psychology.
  • Opportunities to Connect Concepts to Real Life: “Why Study Psychology?” and “Try This Yourself” features are among the many opportunities each course section provides for students to make connections between the concepts they’re learning and their everyday lives.