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Psychology in Diabetes Care

Psychology in Diabetes Care

Frank J. Snoek (Editor) , T. Chas Skinner (Editor)

ISBN: 978-0-470-85190-6

Oct 2003

294 pages

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Psychology plays an important role in educating, supporting, and motivating patients with diabetes.
Diabetes During Childhood (B. Anderson & J. Bracket).

Diabetes During Adolescence (T. Skinner, et al.).

Diabetes and Pregnancy (F. Snoek).

Facilitating Self-care Through Empowerment (R. Anderson, et al.).

Stage of Change Counselling (Y. Doherty, et al.).

Medical Office-based Interventions (R. Glasgow & E. Eakin).

Blood Glucose Awareness Training (L. Gonder-Frederick, et al.).

Cognitive-Behavioural Group Training (N. van der Ven, et al.).

Psychotherapy and Counselling in Diabetes Mellitus (R. Rubin).