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Psychology of Medicine and Surgery: A Guide for Psychologists, Counsellors, Nurses and Doctors

Psychology of Medicine and Surgery: A Guide for Psychologists, Counsellors, Nurses and Doctors

Peter Salmon

ISBN: 978-0-471-85214-8

Apr 2001

328 pages

Select type: Paperback

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There is now a substantial body of psychological knowledge, based on research and clinical experience, which supports and guides best practice in dealing with health- and illness-related behaviour. Peter Salmon offers a strong conceptual framework which unifies this knowledge within clinical contexts and problems. Based on the author's special interests in acute physical illness and surgery, this text shows how the beliefs, emotions and behaviour of individuals (both lay people and health professionals) can have a profound effect on the processes of understanding, communication and coping in the course of diagnosis and treatment. Peter Salmon, a senior figure in clinical health psychology, has extensive experience of training medical and health care professionals, and of dealing with patients and families. His book offers
* A focus on acute illness and surgery, in contrast to the many other books which deal with chronic illness and health promotion
* An introduction to psychological concepts and models, situated within the clinical reality of presentation, diagnosis, communication, treatment, and the patient-professional relationship
* Guidance on evaluation of research and clinical practice which will help to inform a better understanding of behaviour and relationships in acute illness and surgery and wider medical contexts.
Students and professionals in clinical health psychology, health care and medicine should read this book for an accessible, authoritative account of how psychological knowledge can help them, why people feel and behave as they do, and which medical situations can be enlightened and facilitated by the integration of psychological principles into therapeutic practice. This book appears in The Wiley Series in Clinical Psychology Series Editor: J. Mark G. Williams University of Wales, Bangor, UK

Psychology Knowledge: Its Relevance and Limitations.

Theories, Models and Objectives in Health Care.


Challenge, Stress and Coping.

Psychobiology of Disease Processes: Heart Disease and Cancer.

Psychology of Physical Symptoms.

The Patient's Agenda: Beliefs and Intentions.

The Psychological Impact of Physical Illness.

Chronic Illness, Dying and Bereavement: Stages and Cycles of Adaptation.


Clinicians' Decisions and Patients' Adherence.

Clinical Communication: Partnership and Opposition.

Patient Empowerment: Information, Choice and Control.

Hospitalization and Surgery.

Psychological Treatment of Unexplained Physical Symptoms.

Psychological Treatment of Physical Disease.

Using Patients' Perspective to Evaluate Care.


"...offers an excellent introduction to the psychological aspects of healthcare..." (Journal of Health Psychology, Vol.16, No. 4, 2001)

"...a well-written and lively book.." (British Journal of Health Psychology, September 2001)

"This book could serve as a very useful basis for teaching a broad range of health professionals. Issues could then be picked up by course tutors to enable discussions of the more controversial areas and an opportunity for more in depth treatment of certain topics. Clinical and health psychologists would benefit from reading this book as an introduction to applied psychology in general medicine and surgery. Given the breadth of the book, most readers are going to find sections relevant to their own work and benefit from Peter Salmon's knowledge and experience of working in health care setting." (British Journal of Health Psychology, Sep 2001)