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Psychopathology in Later Adulthood

Psychopathology in Later Adulthood

Susan Krauss Whitbourne (Editor)

ISBN: 978-0-471-19359-3

Sep 2000

384 pages

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A comprehensive review of psychopathology in older adults combining theory, research, and practice

The tremendous growth of the aging population has dramatically increased the importance of clinical geropsychology as a major area of research, theory, and practice. The unique ways in which psychological disorders manifest in the later years of life create special challenges for professionals working with older clients. Edited by a well-known expert in aging, and with contributions from leading clinical researchers, Psychopathology in Later Adulthood addresses the assessment, diagnosis, and treatment issues health professionals encounter in late adulthood.

Combining theory, research, and case examples, this book explores both the physical and cognitive changes that occur as adults age. Each chapter focuses on a specific disorder and includes a relevant clinical case study, which is integrated into the substantive content. Some of the subjects covered are:
* Personality, anxiety, mood, and sexual disorders
* Dementia
* Suicide
* Substance abuse disorders
* Schizophrenia and related disorders
* Sleep-related disorders
* General principles of therapy

Thorough and practical, Psychopathology in Later Adulthood provides the reader with the insight needed to understand and successfully treat the complex aspects of aging.
Introduction to Clinical Issues (S. Zarit & D. Haynie).

The Normal Aging Process (S. Whitbourne).

Assessment of Older Adult Psychopathology (B. Edelstein, et al.).

Personality Disorders (D. Segal, et al.).

Anxiety in Older Adults (F. Scogin, et al.).

Mood Disorders in Older Adults (D. King & H. Markus).

Sexual Dysfunctions in Later Life (C. Avina, et al.).

Schizophrenia and Related Disorders (S. Meeks).

Dementia (J. Corey-Bloom).

Suicide (P. Duberstein & Y. Conwell).

Substance Abuse Disorders (E. Lisansky-Gomberg).

Insomnia in Older Adults (B. Riedel & K. Lichstein).

General Principles of Therapy (G. Hinrichsen & L. Dick-Sisken).

""This is an excellent book."" (Contemporary Psychology, Feb 2003)