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Edited By:Monica Fabiani

Vol 51(13 Issues in 2014 ) Print ISSN: 0048-5772 Online ISSN: 1469-8986 Impact Factor: 3.118


Founded in 1964, Psychophysiology is the most established journal in the world specifically dedicated to the dissemination of psychophysiological science. The journal continues to play a key role in advancing human neuroscience in its many forms and methodologies (including central and peripheral measures), covering research on the interrelationships between the physiological and psychological aspects of brain and behavior. Typically, studies published in Psychophysiology include psychological independent variables and noninvasive physiological dependent variables (hemodynamic, optical, and electromagnetic brain imaging and/or peripheral measures such as respiratory sinus arrhythmia, electromyography, pupillography, and many others). The majority of studies published in the journal involve human participants, but work using animal models of such phenomena is occasionally published.

Psychophysiology welcomes submissions on new theoretical, empirical, and methodological advances in: cognitive, affective, clinical and social neuroscience, psychopathology and psychiatry, health science and behavioral medicine, and biomedical engineering. The journal publishes theoretical papers, evaluative reviews of literature, empirical papers, and methodological papers, with submissions welcome from scientists in any fields mentioned above. For additional information regarding the aims and scope of the journal see Fabiani, 2015.

Advantages of Publishing in Psychophysiology

Reaching a Targeted Audience of Researchers Devoted to Psychophysiology. The Journal's readership includes experts in human psychophysiology, cognitive, affective, clinical and social neuroscience, psychology, psychopathology, behavioral medicine, neurology, and psychiatry.
Publishing your Paper and Reproducing Color Figures at No Cost. There are no page or other submission or publication charges, and no costs associated with the inclusion of color figures.
Securing Rapid Online Publication through EarlyView®. Your article will be posted online as soon as it is ready, before the release of the compiled monthly issue.
Accessing a State-of-the-Art Submission System. Psychophysiology offers online manuscript submission and peer-review via Manuscript Central, a user-friendly system making manuscript submission and tracking quick, easy, and safe.
Attaining High Visibility. Psychophysiology is available online through Wiley Online Library®, Wiley's Internet publishing platform. Wiley Online Library® has more thatn 29 million user sessions per year. As the official journal of the Society for Psychological Research (SPR), Psychophysiology is also publicized on the SPR Web ( and Facebook pages.