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Psychosexual Nursing

Psychosexual Nursing

Robert Irwin

ISBN: 978-0-470-69863-1

Apr 2008

190 pages

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The focus on this book is on helping practitioners recognize and respond appropriately to psychosexual anxiety and distress. Recent research suggests that the sexual concerns of patients still go unaddressed and that communication with patients about sexual issues is generally inadequate. Psychosexual anxiety and distress occur as the consequence of changes or threats to the sexual aspects of an individual?s self-confidence. Such changes may occur as the consequence of illness, disability, ageing, altered sexual function, relationship difficulties, loss and other psychosocial events. Sexual distress and anxieties that go unrecognized may lead to sexual and interpersonal problems which in turn create further anxiety or distress. As a consequence, a vicious circle of altered sexual self-concept, psychosexual anxiety and distress, and alterations in sexual response and satisfacction, can become quickly established. This book gives a thorough grounding in the principles of the care of patients with psychosexual problem. Psychosexual anxiety and distress ? Professional issues in psychosexual care ? Psychosexual nursing skills ? Altered sexual interest and response ? Sexual dysfunction ? Reproductive sexual health ? Sexual orientation ? Sexually transmitted infections ? Sexual assult and sexual abuse ? Sexual variations and issues relating to gender identity ? Useful addresses ? Index
Psychosexual Anxiety and Distress.

Professional Issues in psychosexual Care.

Psychosexual Nursing Skills.

Altered Sexual Interest and response.

Sexual Dysfunction .

Reproductive Sexual Health.

Sexual Orientation.

Sexually Transmitted Infections.

Sexual Assault and Sexual Abuse.

Sexual variations and Issues Relating to Gender Identity.

Useful Addresses.