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Psychotherapy Essentials to Go: Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Depression

Psychotherapy Essentials to Go: Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Depression

Mark Fefergrad, Ari Zaretsky, Paula Ravitz (Editor), Robert Maunder (Editor)

ISBN: 978-0-393-70828-8

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1269 pages

Select type: Paperback

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A widely researched protocol for treating major depressive disorder, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) helps clients feel better and cope more effectively by teaching them essential skills to become their own therapists. This guide explains the basic cognitive model, the therapeutic stance, and some of the most important cognitive and behavioral interventions for depression, equipping clinicians with all the key information they need to begin treatment. Core strategies covered include how to nurture the therapeutic rapport, focusing on the "here and now", goal-setting, and behavioral activation techniques such as activity monitoring, the thought record, and behavioral experiments. An invaluable overview of techniques to challenge clients' negative automatic thoughts and depressive behaviors in order to promote immediate and durable change.

Included in this comprehensive guide are a DVD of sample therapy sessions and clinical explication that describe how to implement the protocol, as well as a laminated pocket reminder card. An on-the-go package of practical tools that busy clinicians won't want to be without.