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Public-Private Partnerships: Managing Risks and Opportunities



Public-Private Partnerships: Managing Risks and Opportunities

Akintola Akintoye (Editor), Matthias Beck (Editor), Cliff Hardcastle (Editor)

ISBN: 978-0-470-68043-8 April 2008 Wiley-Blackwell 448 Pages


Public Private Partnership is a key issue in the construction industry – causing much concern among contractors, funders and facility managers. Demand has been building for a thorough analysis …

This edited book will familiarise both researchers and construction professionals working with public private partnerships (PPP) with the issues involved in the planning, implementation and day-to-day management of public private projects. It will show how current risk management methods can help the complex process of managing procurement via such partnerships.

The chapters - most authored by a practitioner/academic partnership - are organised round the concepts of best value and use the findings of a major research project investigating Risk Assessment and Management in Private Finance Initiative Projects. The analysis of this research will be supplemented with contributions by leading international experts from Hong Kong, Australia and Singapore, covering hospitals, schools, waste management and housing - to exemplify best practice in PPP-based procurement.

Introduction; Part one - PPP: Risk, value and communication in public private partnership procurement - An overview of Public Private Partnership; Risks overview in Public Private Partnership; Value management in PPP procurement; Risk perception and communication in Public Private Partnerships; Part Two - Stakeholders perspectives on Public Private Partnership risks and opportunities - A construction perspective on risk management in Public Private Partnership; A financial perspective on risk management in Public Private Partnership; A legal perspective on risk management in PPP; Applications of risk management strategies in PPP procurement; Developments in UK public sector risk management: implications for PPP/PFI projects; Part Three - International Perspectives on Public Private Partnership risks and opportunities - Public Private Partnership risk assessment and management process - the Asian dimension; Risk management in an Austrian standardised public-private partnership model; Risk assessment and management in BOT-type PPP in China/Hong Kong; Public Private Partnership projects in USA: risks and opportunities; PPP in South African local authorities: risks and opportunities; Private Sector participation road projects in India - assessment and allocation of critical risks: Part Four - Framework for risks and opportunities management of Public Private Partnership infrastructure development - Multi-party risk management process for a PPP construction project in Asia; PFI uptake in UK local authorities; A framework for the risk management in PFI projects
* shows how risk management techniques helps PPP procurement
* chapters are authored by a academic/practitioner partnership
* controversial nature of PPP makes this a timely publication