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Pulse: The New Science of Harnessing Internet Buzz to Track Threats and Opportunities

Pulse: The New Science of Harnessing Internet Buzz to Track Threats and Opportunities

Douglas W. Hubbard

ISBN: 978-0-470-93236-0 May 2011 208 Pages


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The ultimate guide to mining the Internet for real-time assessment of trends and data

Showing how the Internet can be an incredible tool for businesses and others to measure trends in real time, Pulse describes tools for inexpensive and real time measurement methodologies businesses can start using right away. This timely book also puts this emerging science in perspective and explains how this new measurement instrument will profoundly change decision making in business and government.

  • Shows how the Internet can be used as an incredibly powerful measurement tool
  • Reveals how to mine the Internet to measure and forecast business progress
  • Written by leading expert in business analytics and performance management

Pulse reveals how the Internet is evolving into a tool for measuring and forecasting trends in society, the economy, public opinion and even public health and security. It is an absolutely essential book for every business leader to turn a powerful, underutilized tool to its complete potential.



Part I Introduction to the Pulse: A New Kind of Instrument.

Chapter 1 A New Era for Measuring and Predicting Society.

An Emerging Science: What is This New Thing?

What Applied Cybersociology Isn't.

The Major Areas of the Macro-Pulse

But What Does All of This Mean for Us?


Chapter 2 The History of Seeing the Forest through the Trees.

The King's Surveys.

The Dawn of Stats, Maps, and Telegraphs.

The Rise of the Machines.

The Struggle to Become a Science.


Chapter 3 Emergence of the Pulse and the New Research Discipline.

The New Data Source.

Digital Lives: Increasing Time and Activities per Person.

Open Pastures: A New Field of Research.

Proving the Pulse: Addressing Misconceptions about the Data.


Chapter 4 The Dynamics of The Pulse.

Incentives: Why The Pulse Exists.

The Systems behind Getting and Sharing Data.

Collaboration and Competition.

Power Law: Why a Few Sources Tell Us a Lot on the Internet.


Part II The Sources of the Pulse.

Chapter 5 What Our Surfing Says.

Tracking Flu Outbreaks: A Faster, Better, and Cheaper Method.

A Do-It-Yourself Pulse Tracking Example: Using Google Trends for Economic Predictions.

More Searchology: The Body of Research Grows.

Caveats and Miscellaneous Considerations for Searchologists.


Chapter 6 Friend as a Verb.

How Do Social Networks Matter?

The Dynamic Duo of Social Connections: Two Leaders in Practical Network Research.

Forecasting the Crowd.

Social Networks in the Pulse.


Chapter 7 What We Say Online Matters.

An Introduction to Analyzing Buzz: Counting Tweets Predicts Movie Box Office Receipts.

Predicting the Broader Economy with Tweets.

Predicting Markets with Anxiety.

Tools and Miscellanea for Tapping into the Global Mood.


Chapter 8 Three Potential Pulses: Travelling, Shopping, and Playing.

Our Flow and the Pulse: What the Movements of Millions of People Tell Us.

The Shopping Pulse.

Playtime and the Pulse.


Part III Effects of the Pulse.

Chapter 9 Making the Pulse Practical.

Re-Thinking Real-Time Decisions in the Pulse.

A Brief Overview of the Economics of Timely Information.

Overcoming Cultural and Conceptual Obstacle: Maximizing the Value of the Pulse.

Implementing the Pulse.


Chapter 10 The Future of the Pulse and its New Challenges.

Users and the Data They Share Will Increase.

Services Will Be Better and Make More Data Public.

Research and Models.

From Communicators to Tricorders - for Everyone.

Evolving Challenges and Opportunities for Users of the Pulse.


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