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Purchasing: Selection and Procurement for the Hospitality Industry, 8th Edition

Purchasing: Selection and Procurement for the Hospitality Industry, 8th Edition

Andrew H. Feinstein, John M. Stefanelli

ISBN: 978-0-470-29046-0

Jan 2011

704 pages


Purchasing: Selection and Procurement for the Hospitality Industry, Eighth Edition is a learning-centered text that includes several pedagogical enhancements to help the student quickly acquire and retain important information. It is written for those who will be involved with some phase of purchasing throughout their hospitality careers. This text covers product information as well as management of the purchasing function, and how this relates to a successful operation. It also acts as a comprehensive reference guide to the selection and procurement functions within the hospitality industry.

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The Concepts of Selection and Procurement.

Technology Applications in Purchasing.

Distribution Systems.

Forces Affecting the Distribution System.

An Overview of the Purchasing Function.

The Organization and Administration of Purchasing.

The Buyer’s Relations with Other Company Personnel.

The Purchase Specification: An Overall View.

The Optimal Amount.

The Optimal Price.

The Optimal Payment Policy.

The Optimal Supplier.

Typical Ordering Procedures.

Typical Receiving Procedures.

Typical Storage Management Procedures.

Security in the Purchasing Function.

Fresh Produce.

Processed Produce and Other Grocery Items.

Dairy Products.






Nonfood Expense Items.


Furniture, Fixtures, and Equipment.



  • The text dimensions have been expanded to allow for additional photos, drawings, and tables to more effectively convey purchasing concepts and applications.
  • The expanded glossary contains hundreds of purchasing specific terms and detailed definitions. This glossary is a vital reference for students and those already working in the purchasing function.
  • Concepts surrounding technology and “green” practices in the hospitality purchasing field have been expanded and updated. Industry Insights have been updated to cover the most current trends related to purchasing. More than 20 discussions and interviews with industry executives are interwoven throughout the text. These stories include insights that provide insider information on current and future trends related to purchasing. Some are written by experts in the purchasing field, providing perspectives on the future of purchasing, novel approaches to procurement, and new techniques for calculating the amount of products to purchase.
  • The detailed references at the end of each chapter have been increased and updated to provide students with current materials to supplement their readings.
  • Updated links to key Websites provide students with access to current information.
  • New, revised, and updated illustrations and photographs of concepts, companies, and products relating to the purchasing function have been included.
  • Includes discussion of the purchasing activity and product information from a management perspective
  • Product chapters contain updated information on the latest trends
  • New information regarding technology and “green” practices in the industry
  • More than 20 interviews with industry executives about the importance of specific purchasing aspects are included
  • Pedagogical features in each chapter, such as Key Words and Concepts, References, Questions and Problems, as well as Experiential Exercises
  • Enhanced and expanded glossary of key purchasing terms
  • In-depth attention to ordering procedures, distribution systems, supplier channels, price and payment, storage and security, and specification for food, furniture, fixtures, and equipment