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QSAR: Hansch Analysis and Related Approaches




Finding the new remedy for a certain disease: an inspired goal. QSAR, an invaluable tool in drug design, aids scientists to attain this aim.
This book is a long-awaited comprehensive text to QSAR and related approaches. It provides a practice-oriented introduction to the theory, methods and analyses for QSAR relationships, including modelling-based and 3D approaches.
Hugo Kubinyi is a leading expert in QSAR. Readers will benefit from the author's 20 years of practical experience, from his careful calculations and recalculations of thousands of QSAR equations.

Among the topics covered are:
- physiocochemical parameters
- quantitative models
- statistical methods
- Hansch analysis
- Free Wilson analysis
- 3D-QSAR approaches

The book can readily be used as a textbook due to its high didactic value and numerous examples (over 200 equations and 1100 references).
Biological Data.

The Additivity of Group Contributions.


Quantitative Models.

Statistical Methods.

Design of Test Series in QSAR.

Application of Hansch Analysis.

Applications of Free Wilson Analysis and Related Models.

3D QSAR Approaches.

Summary and Conclusions.