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Quality Assurance for Water Analysis



Quality Assurance for Water Analysis

Philippe Quevauviller

ISBN: 978-0-470-51115-2 April 2008 262 Pages


Quality assurance (QA) has become an increasingly important topic, as environmental monitoring bodies realize that accuracy of measurements can depend very much on how the measurement is taken. This book will describe methods in light of all of the European, US, and international (ISO) guidelines for QA of water analysis.

It is the third book in the Water Quality Measurement Series, it tackles the growing problem of developing an international understanding for measurement and data collection. The author gives a detailed overview of:
* The purpose of water analysis
* Quality systems and quality control
* Sources of error including sample contamination
* Method validation
* Certified reference materials
* Data Reporting
* Inter-laboratory studies
Series Preface


The Framework of Water Analysis

General Concepts of QA/QC-Definitions

Sampling and Sample Handling

Current Methods of Analysis

Analytical Quality Control

Reference Materials

Reporting of Measurement Data

Participation in Interlaboratory Studies

Quality Systems



"...This is a timely publication and should assist all users and producers of water quality data ......" (Int Jnl of Environmental Analytical Chemistry, Vol.82, No.10, 2002)