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Quality Assurance in Environmental Monitoring: Instrumental Methods

Quality Assurance in Environmental Monitoring: Instrumental Methods

Ganapathy Subramanian (Editor)

ISBN: 978-3-527-61512-4

Jul 2008

350 pages

Select type: E-Book



Environmental technology plays an increasingly important role in today's world. This has led to many new developments in legislation and monitoring of environmental pollutants.

A comprehensive treatment of these current trends is presented in this book. The reader is helped by a sound understanding of modern instrumental methods such as GC/MS, thermal desorption and purge-trap methods, that are available to meet these legal requirements. Many practical applications assist familiarization with these techniques. This work pays particular attention to methods of monitoring different types of chemicals ranging from pesticides to industrial pollutants. The description of the different design aspects of instruments and their effects on analysis aids the development of precise instrumental methods for the various specific problems in quality assurance.
Application of software in environmental auditing and quality control (Edward Soo)
Solid phase extraction techniques and their importance for environmental monitoring (Dean Rood)
Supercritical fluid extraction in environmental analysis (Joseph M. Levy)
Validation and quality control of pollutants with atomic absorption spectrometry (Ian Shuttler)
Application of ICP/OES techniques in environmental QC (T. C. Dymott)
Developments in sampling techniques (Elizabeth A. Woolfenden)
QA/QC aspects of using GC/MS for environmental analysis (Ray E. Clement)
Ion chromatography in environmental monitoring (Roger C. George)
Application of CES in environmental analysis (Saul Parry)
QC/QA aspects of using HPLC for environmental analysis (Paul Browne)
Advances in flow analysis (Richard J. Berman)