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Quantitative Reasoning: Tools for Today's Informed Citizen, 2nd Edition

Quantitative Reasoning: Tools for Today's Informed Citizen, 2nd Edition

Alicia Sevilla , Kay Somers

ISBN: 978-1-118-37101-5

Nov 2012

640 pages


This Second Edition of Quantitative Reasoning empowers students to use quantitative information to make responsible financial, environmental, and health-related decisions in their daily lives. Students develop their critical thinking skills through numerous examples, explorations, and activities featuring real data. Students use a variety of analysis throughout the text: inductive and deductive reasoning; tabular, symbolic, verbal, and graphical forms of functions and relations; graphs and pictorial representations of data; interpretations of probabilistic data; surveys and statistical studies.

Sevilla and Somer's Quantitative Reasoning, 2nd Edition comes available with WileyPLUS, a research-based, online environment for effective teaching and learning, which takes the guesswork out of studying by providing them with a clear roadmap: what to do, how to do it, and whether they did it right.

WileyPLUS sold separately from text.

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Chapter 1: Organizing Information Pictorially Using Charts and Graphs

Chapter 2: Bivariate Data

Chapter 3: Graphs of Functions

Chapter 4: Multiple Variable Functions

Chapter 5: Proportional, Linear, and Piecewise Linear Functions

Chapter 6: Modeling with Linear and Exponential Functions

Chapter 7: Logarithms and Scientific Notation

Chapter 8: Indexes and Ratings

Chapter 9: Personal Finance

Chapter 10: Introduction to Problem Solving

Chapter 11: Decision Making

Chapter 12: Inductive Reasoning

Chapter 13: Deductive Reasoning

Chapter 14: Apportionment

Chapter 15: More on Problem Solving

Chapter 16: Average and Five-Number Summary

Chapter 17: Standard Deviation, z-Score, and Normal Distributions

Chapter 18: Basics of Probability

Chapter 19: Conditional Probability and Tables

Chapter 20: Sampling and Surveys

Chapter 21: More on Decision Making

  • Updated data sets and real-world applications throughout.
  • More Explorations added to each Topic.
  • More engaging text design and available in hardcover for the first time.
  • WileyPLUS research-based, online teaching and learning management system introduced with this text for the first time.


  • Activity-based approach that combines class instruction with in-class student activities, encourages students to think critically about how math is used in the real world.
  • Flexible Approach to Technology: Students use technology and Internet resources effectively and build skills in working with data. Text provides carefully written instructions on using Excel and the graphing calculator.
  • Emphasis on real-world problems that students identify, analyze, and solve using quantitative information. Students reason quantitatively and make numerical arguments.
  • Real data featured in problem solving helps students make the connection between the mathematics they learn and the issues they encounter in their daily lives.
  • Chapters are efficiently organized into topics, objectives, examples, summaries, explorations, and activities.