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Quantum Information Processing

Quantum Information Processing

Gerd Leuchs (Editor), Thomas Beth (Editor)

ISBN: 978-3-527-60354-1

May 2005

347 pages

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Quantum processing and communication is emerging as a challenging technique at the beginning of the new millennium. An actual insight into the current research of quantum superposition, entanglement, and the quantum measurement process - the key ingredients of quantum information processing. The authors further address quantum protocols and algorithms. Complementary to similar programmes in other countries and at the european level, the German Research Foundation (DFG) started a focused research program on quantum information in 1999. The contributions - written by leading experts - bring together the latest results in quantum inforation as well as addressing questions
List of Contributors.

Algorithms for Quantum Systems — Quantum Algorithms (T. Grassl, et al.).

Quantum Information Processing and Error Correction with Jump Codes (G. Alber, et al.).

Computational Model for the One-Way Quantum Computer: Concepts and Summary (R. Raussendorf & H. Briegel).

Simulation Tool Development Related to a Combinatorial Quantum Automation Based on Trapped Ions (W. Mathis & K. Pahlke).

Increasing the Size of NMR Quantum Computers (S. Glaser, et al.).

On Lossless Quantum Data Compression and Quantum Variable-Length Codes (R. Ahlswede & N. Cai).

Entanglement Properties of Composite Quantum Systems (K. Eckert, et al.).

Non-Classical Gaussian States in Noisy Environments (S. Scheel & D. Welsch).

Quantum Estimation with Finite Resources (T. Bschorr, et al.).

Size Scaling of Decoherence Rates (C. Maierle & D. Suter).

Reduced Collective Description of Spin-Ensembles (M. Michel, et al.).

Decoherence in Resonantly Driven Bistable Systems (S. Kohler & P. Hänggi).

Entanglement and Decoherence in Cavity QED with a Trapped Ion (W. Vogel & C. DiFidio).

Quantum Information Processing with Ions Deterministically Coupled to an Optical Cavity (M. Keller, et al.).

Strongly Coupled Atom-Cavity Systems (A. Kuhn, et al.).

A Relaxation-Free Verification of the Quantum Zeno Paradox on an Individual Atom (C. Balzer, et al.).

Spin Resonance with Trapped Ions: Experiments and New Concepts (K. Abich, et al.).

Controlled Single Neutral Atoms as Qubits (V. Gomer, et al.).

Towards Quantum Logic with Cold Atoms in a CO2-Laser Optical Lattice (G. Cennini, et al.).

Quantum Information Processing with Atoms in Optical Micro-Structures (R. Dumke, et al.).

Quantum Information Processing with Neutral Atoms on Atom Chips (P. Krüger, et al.).

Fabrication and Measurement of Aluminum and Niobium Based Single-Electron Transistors and Charge Qubits (W. Krech, et al.).

Quantum Dot Circuits for Quantum Computation (R. Blick, et al.).

Multiphoton Entanglement (M. Bourennane, et al.).

A Quantum Optical XOR Gate (H. Becker, et al.).

Quantum Structure of Fiber Solitons and Quantum Communication (G. Leuchs, et al.).


""Insgesamt liefert dieses Buch eine wichtige Augenblicksaufnahme und einen guten Querschnitt der sich sehr schnell entwickelnden theoretischen und experimentellen Quanteninformationsverarbeitung in Deutschland.""

Rainer Blatt
Physik Journal Juni 2004