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Quantum Physics: Volume 1 - From Basics to Symmetries and Perturbations



Quantum Physics: Volume 1 - From Basics to Symmetries and Perturbations

Vladimir Zelevinsky

ISBN: 978-3-527-40979-2 December 2010 616 Pages


This two-volume set can be naturally divided into two semester courses, and contains a full modern graduate course in quantum physics. The idea is to teach graduate students how to practically use quantum physics and theory, presenting the fundamental knowledge, and gradually moving on to applications, including atomic, nuclear and solid state physics, as well as modern subfields, such as quantum chaos and quantum entanglement. The book starts with basic quantum problems, which do not require full quantum formalism but allow the student to gain the necessary experience and elements of quantum thinking. Only then does the fundamental Schrödinger equation appear. The author has included topics that are not usually covered in standard textbooks and has written the book in such a way that every topic contains varying layers of difficulty, so that the instructor can decide where to stop. Although supplementary sources are not required, "Further reading" is given for each chapter, including references to scientific journals and publications, and a glossary is also provided.
Problems and solutions are integrated throughout the text.

Quantum Physics: Volume 1 - From Basics to Symmetries and Perturbations

Preface xiii

1 Origin of Main Quantum Concepts 1

2 Wave Function and the Simplest Problems 25

3 Bound States 43

4 Dynamical Variables 67

5 Uncertainty Relations 85

6 Hilbert Space and Operators 119

7 Quantum Dynamics 153

8 Discrete Symmetries 187

9 One-Dimensional Motion: Continuum 217

10 Variational Approach and Diagonalization 247

11 Discrete Spectrum and Harmonic Oscillator 267

12 Coherent and Squeezed States 293

13 Introducing Magnetic Field 315

14 Macroscopic Quantum Coherence 339

15 Semiclassical (WKB) Approximation 357

16 Angular Momentum and Spherical Functions 387

17 Motion in a Central Field 417

18 Hydrogen Atom 445

19 Stationary Perturbations 469

20 Spin 1/2 489

21 Finite Rotations and Tensor Operators 509

22 Angular Momentum Coupling 523

23 Fine and Hyperfine structure 545

24 Atom in a Static Field 567

References 587

Further Readings 591

Index 597