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Quantum Theory of Solids, 2nd Revised Edition

Quantum Theory of Solids, 2nd Revised Edition

Charles Kittel

ISBN: 978-0-471-62412-7

Apr 1987

528 pages

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A modern presentation of theoretical solid state physics that builds directly upon Kittel's Introduction to Solid State Physics. Treats phonon, electron, and magnon fields, culminating in the BCS theory of superconductivity. Considers Fermi surfaces and electron wave functions and develops the group theoretical description of Brillouin zones. Applies correlation functions to time-dependent effects in solids, with an introduction to Green's functions. With 110 problems, the text is well-suited for the classroom or for self-instruction.
Mathematical Introduction.

Acoustic Phonons.

Plasmons, Optical Phonons, and Polarization Waves.


Fermion Fields and the Hartree-Forck Approximation.

Many-Body Techniques and the Electron Gas.

Polarons and the Electron-Phonon Interaction.


Bloch Funcations--General Properties.

Brillouin Zones and Crystal Symmetry.

Dynamics of Electronics in a Magnetic Field: de Hass-van Alphen Effect and Cyclotron Resonance.


Calculation of Energy Bands and Fermi Surfaces.

Semiconductor Crystals: I. Energy Bands, Cyclotron Resonance and Impurity States.

Semiconductor Crystals: II.

Optical Absorption and Excitons.

Electrodynamics of Metals.

Acoustic Attenuation in Metals.

Theory of Alloys.

Correlation Functions and Neutron Diffraction by Crystals.

Recoilless Emission.

Green's Functions--Application to Solid State Physics.