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Quick Recipes on Symbian OS: Mastering C++ Smartphone Development

Quick Recipes on Symbian OS: Mastering C++ Smartphone Development

Michael Aubert

ISBN: 978-0-470-77413-7

Jul 2008

382 pages

Select type: E-Book



Symbian OS continues to be the top operating system for smartphones across the world, with the number of Symbian OS phones sold now well beyond the 100 million mark. As more and more developers realize the huge opportunities available designing with Symbian OS, one of the first major obstacles they face is the sheer length of time it takes to start producing functional C++ applications for Symbian OS phones. "Quick Recipes on Symbian OS" provides easy-to-use recipes for mastering common development tasks. The book's structured, time-focused approach to becoming familiar with the basics allows readers to get up and running quickly.

From the Author

This book is meant as an entry point into the Symbian OS C++ development ecosystem.

Our goal is to allow you to create a working prototype of your application for Symbian OS withing 2 weeks, using only this book, a computer, an internet connection and a Symbian phone.

Inside, you will find reusable modules implementing the most common tasks developers usually have to labour on, along with enough information for you to understand them and integrate them into your own application.

This book can be used in several ways:

- as a learning exercise.

- to complement a university course.

- as a reference to keep on your desk.

Chapter 1: Introduction.

Chapter 2: Quick start.

Chapter 3: Symbian OS basics.

Chapter 4: Recipes.

Chapter 5: Next level development.

Chapter 6: Commercial-grade applications development.

Carbide C++ Hello World Template for S60 and UIQ Templates
Connectivity Example Code
Contacts and Agenda Example Code
Graphics and Drawing Example Code
Graphics Example Code
Handling Example Code
Location Based Services Example Code
Multimedia Example Code
Telephony Example Code