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QuickBooks 2012 For Dummies, UK Edition



QuickBooks 2012 For Dummies, UK Edition

Stephen L. Nelson, Loredana Stroup

ISBN: 978-1-119-94065-4 January 2012 416 Pages


Learn to use the UK's number one small business accounting software!

A reliable accounting system is integral to the success of any small business and QuickBooks is the finance program you need to handle your financial and business management tasks efficiently. This eagerly awaited book shows you how to use this popular software to build a budget, process payroll, create invoices, manage inventory, balance accounts, and much more—all without having to hire expensive financial professionals.

After discovering the best way to install and setup QuickBooks, the authors show you how to use QuickBooks to maintain your accounting records to comply with tax laws, enter data, keep track of your cheque book and credit card accounts, and produce common financial reports that track every penny coming in and going out.

  • Shares proven secrets for building a solid budget
  • Details how to track accounts receivable and payable
  • Provides clear steps for keeping track of inventory as you purchase and sell items
  • Highlights ways to track who needs to get paid, who owes money, and what needs to get done

QuickBooks "X" For Dummies, UK Edition addresses the unique needs of UK businesses and helps you keep your business in the black.

Introduction 1

Part I: Quickly into QuickBooks 7

Chapter 1: QuickBooks: The Heart of Your Business 9

Chapter 2: Answering Mr Wizard 17

Chapter 3: Populating QuickBooks Lists 37

Part II: Daily Entry Tasks 85

Chapter 4: Creating Invoices and Credit Notes 87

Chapter 5: Collecting Your Just Rewards 113

Chapter 6: Paying the Bills 137

Chapter 7: Stock Magic 163

Chapter 8: Working with Your Banking Register 181

Chapter 9: Paying with Plastic 197

Chapter 10: Working with Multicurrency 207

Part III: Stuff You Do from Time to Time 229

Chapter 11: Managing VAT 231

Chapter 12: Payroll 249

Chapter 13: Building the Perfect Budget 275

Part IV: Housekeeping Chores 283

Chapter 14: The Balancing Act 285

Chapter 15: Reporting on the State of Affairs 295

Chapter 16: Job Estimating, Billing, and Tracking 309

Chapter 17: File Management Tips 319

Part V: The Part of Tens 329

Chapter 18: Tips for Handling (Almost) Ten Tricky Situations 331

Chapter 19: (Almost) Ten Secret Business Formulas 341

Part VI: Appendixes 357

Appendix A: Installing QuickBooks in Ten Easy Steps 359

Appendix B: If Numbers Are Your Friends 363

Appendix C: Sharing QuickBooks Files 381

Appendix D: Printing Cheques 389

Index 395