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QuickBooks 2013 For Dummies

QuickBooks 2013 For Dummies

Stephen L. Nelson

ISBN: 978-1-118-46198-3

Oct 2012

408 pages


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Get your business organized with QuickBooks

Now more than ever, keeping track of every penny is crucial to making it in business. And the owners of thousands of small-to-mid-size businesses turn to QuickBooks to help them manage their finances without having to hire an outside accounting professional. Bestselling author Stephen Nelson updates his popular QuickBooks For Dummies to cover the latest revisions and enhancements to this leading small business accounting software package.

After a quick review of bookkeeping basics, you'll discover how QuickBooks 2013 can help you build the perfect budget, process payroll, simplify your tax return prep work, create invoices, manage inventory, generate income statements, balance accounts, and much more. You'll learn what you should do before you install and set up QuickBooks, then move on to basic bookkeeping concepts and the fundamentals of building a solid budget. You'll also discover how to enter data, create invoices, record and print sales receipts, monitor your job costs, and generate most common financial reports with ease.

  • Veteran author Stephen Nelson updates his perennial bestseller and offers you easy-to-understand coverage of the newest release of QuickBooks
  • Enables you to take control of managing your own business accounting and financial management tasks so you can avoid having to hire expensive outside help
  • Provides expert advice for getting started with QuickBooks, building the perfect budget, processing payroll, creating invoices, managing inventory, tracking job costs, generating income statements, balancing accounts, creating financial reports, and more
  • Takes you through the steps of going online with QuickBooks, backing up your data, and simplifying tax preparation

QuickBooks 2013 For Dummies helps you take control of your financial management tasks. Big or small, your business will benefit!

Introduction  1

Part I: Quickly into QuickBooks  9

Chapter 1: QuickBooks: The Heart of Your Business 11

Chapter 2: The Big Setup  21

Chapter 3: Populating QuickBooks Lists  39

Part II: Daily Entry Tasks  83

Chapter 4: Creating Invoices and Credit Memos  85

Chapter 5: Reeling In the Dough   109

Chapter 6: Paying the Bills    133

Chapter 7: Inventory Magic    157

Chapter 8: Keeping Your Checkbook   177

Chapter 9: Paying with Plastic  195

Part III: Stuff You Do from Time to Time 205

Chapter 10: Printing Checks    207

Chapter 11: Payroll   221

Chapter 12: Building the Perfect Budget    231

Chapter 13: Online with QuickBooks   239

Part IV: Housekeeping Chores 249

Chapter 14: The Balancing Act   251

Chapter 15: Reporting on the State of Affairs   261

Chapter 16: Job Estimating, Billing, and Tracking 275

Chapter 17: File Management Tips  285

Chapter 18: Fixed Assets and Vehicle Lists  297

Part V: The Part of Tens  309

Chapter 19: (Almost) Ten Tips for Business Owners 311

Chapter 20: Tips for Handling (Almost) Ten Tricky Situations 317

Chapter 21: (Almost) Ten Secret Business Formulas325

Part VI: Appendixes 341

Appendix A: Installing QuickBooks in a Dozen Easy Steps 343

Appendix B: If Numbers Are Your Friends  347

Appendix C: Sharing QuickBooks Files  367

Index 375

ChapterPageDetailsDatePrint Run
190Void Transaction Command
I describe how you void a transaction and say (basically) just choose the Void Transaction command. Here's the rub, though, if you do this: QuickBooks may ask you if you want to add journal entries to make sure that the transaction affects the current accounting period and not the earlier period. For example, let's say you use years as your accounting periods and that you're voiding a transaction in December of last year. In this case, QuickBooks will helpfully offer to enter some journal entries that lets you void the original bad transaction but that in effect records the change not in last year's numbers but in this year's numbers. You'll want to take QuickBooks up on this offer if you don't a previous year's numbers changing (say because you?ve closed the books on the previous year.)