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QuickBooks For Dummies, Portable Edition

QuickBooks For Dummies, Portable Edition

Stephen L. Nelson

ISBN: 978-1-118-34353-1

Jan 2012

192 pages

Select type: E-Book


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Manage your business finances the easy way with QuickBooks

Get your small business rolling with great ideas, exceptional organization skills, unique products or services — and a trusted, accessible, accounting system like QuickBooks. This friendly book shows you how to use this popular business accounting program to clearly understand your finances and run your business with ease.

  • Start here — discover what you need to do to be ready for QuickBooks, set up the software, reel in the dough, and pay the bills

  • Get it together — learn to enter data, create professional-looking invoices, and record and print sales receipts

  • Narrow it down — keep tabs on who needs to get paid and who owes money

  • Monitoring made easy — create financial reports and track every dollar coming in and going out

  • Populate QuickBooks — enter information about your products, employees, customers, and vendors into lists

  • Satisfy the IRS — use QuickBooks to maintain your accounting records to comply with tax laws

Open the book and find:

  • Steps to setting up and succeeding with QuickBooks

  • Ways to customize invoices and memos

  • How to track accounts receivable and payable

  • Instructions for recording and printing a sales receipt

  • Advice for tracking vehicle mileage and paying sales tax

  • Tips for small business owners

Learn to:

  • Organize financial information for your business

  • Create invoices and credit memos

  • Prepare a sales receipt and record customer payments

  • Generate financial reports

Introduction 1

Chapter 1: Getting Started 5

Chapter 2: Populating QuickBooks Lists 27

Chapter 3: Creating Invoices and Credit Memos 75

Chapter 4: Reeling In the Dough 103

Chapter 5: Paying the Bills 131

Chapter 6: Reporting on the State of Affairs 157

Chapter 7: (Almost) Ten Tips for Business Owners 173

Index 179