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Quicken 2015 For Dummies

Stephen L. Nelson

ISBN: 978-1-118-92013-8 October 2014 384 Pages


Take control of your personal finances with this popular, easy guide!

Quicken is the country's most popular and highly recommended personal finance software, and with Quicken For Dummies, you can harness the power of this practical financial tool to manage bills, reconcile bank accounts, track investments, and much more!

Personal finance expert and CPA Stephen L. Nelson lends his expertise to this accessible, easy-to-read guide, which has been fully updated to reflect the new features of Quicken available in its newest version. You can quickly learn how to use Quicken to record credit card transactions, track mortgages and other liabilities, minimize taxes, maximize savings, maintain detailed records, and build a solid foundation for creating better financial plans.

  • Covers updated features in the newest version of the increasingly popular Quicken software
  • Empowers readers to fight the bad habits and decisions that lead to large debts and minimal or nonexistent savings
  • Demystifies the software's features for tracking everyday finances, managing investments, and evaluating the tax implications of financial decisions
  • Offers invaluable advice and expertise from author Stephen L. Nelson, a recognized authority on personal finance

Every step toward better finances is a step in the right direction. Let Quicken For Dummies start your journey toward increased savings, lowered debt, and a more secure financial future.

Introduction 1

Part I: Zen, Quicken, and the Big Picture 5

Chapter 1: Setting Up Shop 7

Chapter 2: Introduction to the Big Picture 23

Chapter 3: Maximum Fun, Maximum Profits 45

Part II: The Absolute Basics 57

Chapter 4: Checkbook on a Computer 59

Chapter 5: Printing 101 87

Chapter 6: Online and In Charge 99

Chapter 7: Reports, Charts, and Other Cool Tools 107

Chapter 8: A Matter of Balance 127

Chapter 9: Housekeeping for Quicken 139

Chapter 10: Compound Interest Magic and Other Mysteries 157

Part III: Home Finances 179

Chapter 11: Credit Cards, Petty Cash, and PayPal 181

Chapter 12: Other People's Money 203

Chapter 13: Tracking Tax-Deferred Investments 227

Chapter 14: Stocks and Bonds 253

Part IV: Very Serious Business 271

Chapter 15: Mind Your Business 273

Chapter 16: Managing Rentals 297

Part V: The Part of Tens 305

Chapter 17: (Slightly More Than) Ten Questions I'm Frequently Asked about Quicken 307

Chapter 18: (Almost) Ten Tips on How Not to Become a Millionaire 317

Chapter 19: (Almost) Ten Troubleshooting Tips 327

Part VI: Appendixes 331

Appendix A: Quick-and-Dirty Windows 8.1 333

Appendix B: Glossary of Business, Financial, and Computer Terms 349

Index 359